Additions since 1996

Here are previous additions on this site since 1996.

Nov '01: Leather objects from Spanish troopship Salvador, Atilio Nasti

Nov '01: Elementos de cuero recuperados del naufragio del navío español Salvador, Atilio Nasti

Oct '01: The Men Who Stole the Stars, George F. Bass

Oct '01: Between frugality and eclecticism – management of an archaeological cornucopia, Thijs J. Maarleveld

Sep '01: Nordic Underwater Archaeology Message Board (offline) offers an electronic conference and discussion / debate forum.

Aug '01: Separate entries for Submerged structures, Bog finds & logboats, Harbours, and Ancient shipping.

Jul '01: Separate entry for Central America

May '01: Version for handheld PDAs can be subscribed.

May '01: Archäologische Kulturdenkmale und Denkmalschutz am Bodensee, Helmut Schlichtherle

May '01: Sture, wreck video

May '01: The wreck at "gubbens hôla", wreck video

May '01: Navens Fyr, wreck video

May '01: Slätteskär, wreck video

Apr '01: Hacía la normalización de la arqueologia subaquática en España, Xavier Nieto

Mar '01: HMS Agamemnon, Atilio Nasti

Feb '01: Steinzeit in der Wismar-Bucht (Submerged settlements in the Bay of Wismar), Harald Lübke

Feb '01: Resolution from IKUWA 99, Germany

Feb '01: Info text in Hungarian

Feb '01: San Pedro de Alcantara research history notes(English / français / português)

Feb '01: Drilling into bedrock for 3D survey – Spits e rocha mãe, San Pedro de Alcantara (English / português)

Feb '01: Programa San Pedro de Alcantara (1786)  (em português)

Feb '01: La Tyrolienne de Peniche (San Pedro de Alcantara 1786)

Jan '01: Conclusions from San Pedro de Alcantara fieldwork 1999, Jean-Yves Blot

Jan '01: Peruvian antropology in Portugal, Jean-Yves Blot

Jan '01: História de San Pedro de Alcantara, Jean-Yves Blot (em português)

Jan '01: Campanha 1998, San Pedro de Alcantara  (em português)

Jan '01: New entry page from domain

Jan '01: HMS Pallas, 1783, Paulo Monteiro (900 kb PDF)

Jan '01: Pewter Plates from São Julião da Barra, Filipe Castro (1 MB PDF)

Jan '01: Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, 1804, Filipe Castro (60 kb PDF) (em português)

Jan '01: Le Naufrage des Portugais sur les côtes de Saint-Jean-de-Luz et d'Arcachon (1627), presentation

Jan '01: Arqueonáutica, uma associação pioneira no estudo e salvaguarda do património arqueológico náutico, Filipe Castro

Jan '01: San Pedro de Alcantara 1999 (em português)

Jan '01: Wrecks of the Atlantic, new topic

Dec '00: Maritime archaeology – What is at issue in northern Europe, Thijs J. Maarleveld

Dec' 00: Nossa Senhora dos Mártires 1606, a.k.a. the Pepper wreck, Portugal

Dec '00: News ticker auto-generating archaeology news articles

Dec '00: The Johannes Russ video is back online, now in streaming format

Dec '00: Jura, paddle steamer sunk in Bodensee in 1864

Dec '00: Side scan sonar page revised

Dec '00: Wrecks of the Caribbean & Latin America, new topic

Dec '00: Salvador, Spanish ship sunken off Uruguay in 1812, Atilio Nasti

Dec '00: Wrecks of Swedish inland, revised

Nov '00: Abydos ships, Egypt

Nov '00: Wrecks of the Black Sea, new topic

Oct '00: Russian or Swedish Marine Fortifications on the Bottom of the Bay of Tallinn, Vello Mäss

Oct '00: The Vrouw Maria of 1771 – An example of documentary research, Christian Ahlström

Oct '00: Marine Archaeology and Scuba Diving in Sweden, Carl Olof Cederlund

Aug '00: A Seagoing Ship of c1650 AD in Bessarabia, Ukraine, Klavs Randsborg

Aug '00: Third International Marine Archaeological Conference of the Baltic Sea, March 21-24, 2001 in Rostock

Aug '00: Info texts in Chinese and Korean.

Jun '00: 6th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, Lisbon, 10-17 Sept 2000

Jun '00: ScapaMAP Project, Scapa Flow

Jun '00: Johannes Russ video, ship sunk in 1915 

Jun '00: Info texts in Greek, Turkish, Estonian, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic and Thai

May '00: Kingston Wrecks Brief Report, Peter Johnson

May '00: Simposio de Arqueología Subacuática, 1er Congreso Argentino de Arqueología Histórica, Sociedad Argentina de Arqueología Histórica, 9-11 Nov 2000

May '00: Project Phasis, Georgia

Apr '00: Tamar Hulks Survey (draft), University of Plymouth

Apr '00: Johannes Russ, sunk in 1915

Mar '00: Clay Pipes From the Man-of-war Kronan, Arne Åkerhagen (320 kb PDF)

Mar '00: Two Bronze Helmets of Etruscan Typology From a Roman Wreck Found at the Les Sorres Anchorage (Gavà-Viladecans, Catalonia) by Pere IZQUIERDO I TUGAS & Josep Maria SOLIAS i ARIS

Mar '00: Sture Hultquist's Sonar Project is now hosted at this server.

Mar '00: Geneaology and Archaeology of Portuguese Ships at the Dawning of the Modern World, Francisco Alves

Feb '00: Anmerkungen zum Wasserverkehr während der römischen Kaiserzeit, Timm Weski

Jan '00: Les Sorres X, Medieval wreck

Jan '00: Culip IV, Roman wreck

Jan '00: Centre d'Arqueologia Subaquàtica de Catalunya (CASC)

Dec '99: Severn, Sweden 1834

Dec '99: Shipwrecks, an Encyclopedia of the World's Worst Disasters at Sea, review

Dec '99: Virtuaalinen museo (in Finnish)

Dec '99: Tayleur. Wrecked off Ireland in 1854, Deirdre O'Hara

Dec '99: The Nau Chagas, Azores 1594, Paulo Monteiro

Dec '99: Ringaren, 16th century wreck on the Swedish east coast

Dec '99: Museo virtuale (in italiano)

Dec '99: Législation et géstion du patrimoine archéologique nautique et subaquatique au Portugal, F. J. S. Alves

Dec '99: Naval Cannon Literature

Nov '99: Ship Types

Nov '99: The Bulverket Boat, Sweden, Johan Rönnby

Nov '99: Wirtualny muzeum (in Polish)

Nov '99: Cannon Types

Nov '99: Anchor Types

Nov '99: The Naval Frigate Birger Jarl, Denmark, Christian Ahlström

Nov '99: The Flute-ship Anna Maria of Stockholm, Sweden, Christian Ahlström

Oct '99: Development of the Submarine

Oct '99: Viking Ship Replica Nevo, Petr Sorokin (in Russian)

Oct '99: San Pedro de Alcantara Recovered Artefacts and SPA Cable Lift

Oct '99: The Skuldelev Ships, Denmark

Oct '99: Archéologie sous-marine & commerce romain, Françoise Mayet

Oct '99: The Swedish-Danish Sea Battles of 1565

Oct '99: The Submarine as a Class of Archaeological Site, M. McCarthy

Oct '99: Los condicionantes de la navegación en la antigüedad, Pere Izquierdo Tugas

Sep '99: Maritime Archaeology in South-Eastern Finland in the 1990s, Tiina Mertanen

Sep '99: Separate entries for British Isles Wrecks and Wreck of Iceland

Sep '99: Experimental Archaeology

Sep '99: History of Shipbuilding and Glossary revised

Sep '99: Maritime Archaeology Department, Western Australia Maritime Museum

Sep '99: Side Scan Sonar Explained

Sep '99: Informatique appliquée à la magnetometrie, Alain Launay

Sep '99: Le musée virtuel (en français), O museu virtual (em português), El museo virtual (en español), El museu virtual (en català) & Das virtuelle Museum

Sep '99: HMS Pandora, sunk in 1791

Sep '99: San Pedro de Alcantara, sunk in 1786

Sep '99: San Pedro de Alcantara Fieldwork 1999

May '99: Portuguese vs Spanish Shipbuilding Practices, Paulo Monteiro

May '99: Destructive Salvage Policy, Chuck Meide

May '99: Proposed Shipwreck Policy, Peter Johnson

May '99: Archaeologists, Divers & Salvors, Jayson R Jones

May '99: Located Sunken Submarines

May '99: Who Owns the Titanic? Bengt Grisell

May '99: Our Marine Heritage, Bengt Grisell & Lorelei Randall

May '99: New topics, Deep Sea Archaeology and Debate

Apr '99: Finders Keepers, Patrick O'Keefe

Apr '99: Wasa Goes Down, Can Come Up! Petter Karlsson

Apr '99: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, William J. Broad

Apr '99: Swimming With the Sphinxes, Sophie Boukhari & Hala Halim

Apr '99: The Raising of the Mary Rose

Apr '99: Underwater Heritage Protection & Legislation

Apr '99: Marx Is the Name, Treasure's the Game, Sue Williams

Apr '99: HMS Charybdis, Alain Launay

Apr '99: Amphora Types, Heinrich Dressel

Apr '99: The Mukran Wreck From 1565, Maik Springmann

Mar '99: A CD version of these pages can be ordered.

Mar '99: UW Archaeology Glossary

Mar '99: Separate entry for American Wrecks.

Mar '99: Legal Loopholes, Edward Brown

Mar '99: Wrecks of Denmark and Norway updated.

Mar '99: Santa Fe la Vieja, Fundación Albenga, Argentina

Mar '99: The NAS Training System, Jon Adams

Feb '99: The Mast Wreck, unidentified 18th century wreck, Torleif Nilsson

Feb '99: Underwater Heritage, a Treasure Trove to Protect, Sue Williams

Feb '99: Project Rafaello, Sicily, Italy

Feb '99: King Valdemar's Sailing Route, ancient shipping lane

Feb '99: New topic – Harbours

Jan '99: Free text search.

Jan '99: The Cog, medieval shiptype

Jan '99: The Maasilinn Wreck, Estonia

Jan '99: A Medieval Ship From the Pärnu River, Vello Mäss

Dec '98: Paula Faulbaum, sunk in 1941

Dec '98: My Quest Against Treasure Hunting, Paulo Monteiro

Nov´'98: New topic – Ancient shipping

Nov '98: The old Riga Shipfinds, Andris Caune (in German)

Nov '98: Prosper, sunk in 1865

Oct '98: The Swedish-Russian Sea Battles of 1790

Oct '98: Amphibian Transport Systems in Northwestern Europe, Christer Westerdahl

Oct '98: The Maritime Cultural Landscape, Christer Westerdahl

Oct '98: Södertörn – a Maritime Landscape in a Long Term Perspective, Johan Rönnby

Oct '98: Anna-Maria, sunk in 1709, now very well preserved in the Baltic Sea

Oct '98: Viking, a Viking ship replica built in 1893

Oct '98: Waterways and Shipbuilding in North-western Russia in the Middle Ages, Petr Sorokin

Oct '98: Glimpses of Traditional Boatbuilding in Goa, India, by Johan Roque

Aug '98: Naval Wrecks in Karlskrona

Aug '98: Director Reppenhagen, Nicomedia, Gutrune and Walther Leonhardt, sunk in 1915

Aug '98: Submarine S7, 1942

July '98: The Danzig Cog, found in 1872

July '98: St Michael, sunk in Finland 1747

July '98: The Älvsnabben Wreck, Concordia, sunk in 1754

July '98: Wrecks south of Nynäshamn, Julijana Radakovits

July '98: Literaturliste zur Unterwasserarchäologie, Dr Timm Weski

July '98: The Swedish Ship Vasa's Revival, Dottie Mayol, new illustrations

July '98: The Champagne Wreck latest news

May '98: The Stockholm Brig, replica project

May '98: Experimentelle Archäologie, Dr Timm Weski (German text)

May '98: Unterwasserarchäologie in Deutschland, Dr Timm Weski (German text)

Apr '98: British Museum Encyclopedia of Underwater and Maritime Archaeology, book review

Mar '98: New topic – Bog Finds

Mar '98: Ice Boats of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Albert Fischer

Mar '98: The Nydam Boats, Denmark and Germany

Nov '97: New topic – Dwellings and structures underwater

Oct '97: The Champagne Wreck, loaded with Champagne, sunk in 1916, found in 1997.

Aug '97: General Carleton of Whitby, sunk in 1785

Aug '97: Maritime Archaeology in the Netherlands, by Thijs J. Maarleveld

Aug '97: ICOMOS Charter on the Protection and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage, 1996

Jul '97: Polish Maritime Museum, Gdansk

Jul '97: Kronan, sunk in 1676

Jul '97: Ein Meer von Wracks, Ulli Kulke (German text)

Jun '97: l'Hirondelle, Claude Glunz & Bertrand Dumas. Swiss passenger ship sunk in 1862.

Jun '97: Aspects of the Lapuri Find, Harry Alopaeus 

Apr '97: S/S Cedric, sunk in 1910

Mar '97: The Swedish Ship Vasa's Revival, Dottie Mayol

Jan '97: Eastindiaman Götheborg, sunk in 1745 

Dec '96: Schiffahrtsmuseum Rostock, Germany 

Dec '96: Nedjan, sunk in 1954, Sweden 

Nov '96: Diving club "Navarex", Odessa Archaeological Museum, Ukrainia 

Nov '96: Special entry Nordic wrecks, e.g. St Michael, Russian ship sunk in Finland in 1747.

Nov '96: Aluett and Anund, Swedish 13th century and Viking sailing replicas.

Nov '96: Jehu, sunk in 1825, Sweden 

Nov '96: Traditional Zones of Transport Geography in Relation to Vessel Types, Christer Westerdahl[drawing]

Oct '96: list of authorities, info from Russia and Latvia 

Oct '96: What is Underwater Archaeology?, introductory text 

Oct '96: Sample Bottles and Clay Pipes

Oct '96: Wreck Search in Estonia 1993, rewritten with photos 

Sep '96: Swedish Underwater Archaeology Society 

May '96: Estonian Maritime Museum

Per Åkesson, editor

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