Bog finds, Wetlands, Logboats

log boatPresumably ancient lakes and moors were used for sacrifice. In recent times many finds have been made in bogs and moss: deliberately bent swords, logboats, other boats and executed people. The archaeology of remains in wet environments is also called wetland archaeology.

Hundreds of logboats (dugouts) have been found in bogs and sweetwater lakes. The oldest are c 9000 years old, and the youngest are c 250 years old (in most of Europe), in some places only c 100 years old (Baltic States and Russia). Most logboats found in bogs are probably not sacrificed offerings, but simply abandoned in lakes or riverbeds that later dried-out.

Various bogfinds

Wetland archaeology


Drawing by Hans Babbel, photo by Tim Olsson, page by Per Åkesson, rev jul '05

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