Culip IV

The wreck is located on 7 m depth at Cadaqués, Alt Empordà, Catalonia, Spain. It is dated to 69-89 AD (Emperor Vespasian). It is a small merchant ship (about 9.5 m long).

Terra sigillata pottery from Culip IV (Cadaqués). This type of red-tainted pottery was mass produced and popular in Roman times.


  • Discovered by Xavier Granolleras, march 1984
  • Excavated in 1984-1988
  • Published in 1989
  • Archaeological works director: F.J. Nieto
  • Underwater archaeological team: Anna Jover, Pere Izquierdo, Albert Martín, Marcel Pujol, Sergi Colomer, Arcadi Abelló, David Matamoros, Maria Mestre, Immaculada Rodríguez and a lot of volunteers.


  • 79 amphorae type Dressel 20
  • 7 other amphorae (two Pélichet 46, a Haltern 70, a Gauloise 4, a  Dressel 2/4 from Africa* and a Gauloise 1).
  • 1475 vases of thick wall from Baetica
  • 1947 non decorated Terra Sigillata vases
  • 754 decorated Terra Sigillata vases
  • 42 lamps

* Dressel 2/4 is an imitation based on Koan Greek amphorae, with various centers of production: Campania, Tarraconensis, Gallia Narbonensis, as well as rare production in Baetica and Africa.

Main publication:

NIETO, J.; JOVER, A.; IZQUIERDO, P.; PUIG, A.M.; ALAMINOS, A.; MARTÍN, A.; PUJOL, M.; PALOU, H. & COLOMER, S.: "Excavacions arqueològiques subaquàtiques a Cala Culip", I, Girona, 1989, 345 p. and 181 pics.

Thanks ot Pere Isquierdo i Tugas for supplying info. Published January 2000, photo © CASC, page rev jan '03

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