Located Sunken Submarines in US Waters

U-boats found and dove by wreck divers:

U-853 Type IXC40, Off Block Is. Road Island - in 130 feet
U-869 Type IXC40, Off of New Jersey - 230 feet
U-1105 Type VIIC with Aiberich rubber coating, Sunk as a target in the Patomac River off Piney Point in 85 feet
U-85 Type VIIB, Off North Carolina - 85 feet
U-701 Type VIIC, off North Carolina - 110 feet
U-352 Type VIIC, off North Carolina - 115 feet
U-2513 Type XXI - Off the Dry Tortugas, Fla - 230 feet

U-boats found but may not have been dove yet:

U-215 Type VIID, 110 miles east of cape cod in 220 feet
UC-97 Type UCIII, Lake Michigan in 250 feet

US Subs found and dove:

S-21, L-8, G-1, G-2, S-5, S-49, S-16, S-37, Bass, Spikefish, Dragonet, Blenny, Tarpon and the CCS H.L Hunley.

The USS O-9 has also been found but not dove as she is in 460 feet.

Reported in 1998 by scuba diver Peter Johnson, Gilldiver@aol.com
Thanks for research, Pete!


Museum sub, not sunken, from 1936 at the Estonian Maritime Museum.

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Per Åkesson, May 1999

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