Great sights in art and history

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Are you bored?  Do you have too much time and money?  Go traveling!

Inside each category, sorting is in geographical order. This is not a very objective list, basically my personal checklist of places to go. I appreciate comments and contributions. If this list is useful to anybody, let men know, and I may even improve it. Several of these, as well as lots of other, sights can be found with a search engine, or some of the links at the bottom of this page. A dash marks the sights I haven't been to myself quite yet.


The Virtual Library Museum Pages, The Perseus Project, UNESCO World Heritage list, History of Western architecture.

Credits & Literature

Thanks to Gert-Jan Kruijdenberg and Thomas von Seth for beautiful photos. Lonely Planet's books are usually great.

Per Åkesson 1994, revised apr '10

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