2: Great Museums

  • Athens: Archaeological Museum - Beautiful bronzes and "Agamemnon's mask", found by Heinrich Schliemann in Mykene

  • Madrid: El Prado

  • Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum - Rembrandt, etc

  • Brussels: Musée de l'art moderne. Very nice & large collection of 20th century art. Impressed me more than the otherwise famous Museum of Modern Art in New York.

  • Berlin: Pergamonmuseum - Impressively large Ishtar gate & Pergamon temple moved from Babylon and rebuilt in the 19th century. And other things.

  • Florence: I Uffizi. – The museum has a great collection of paintings from the 13th to the 18th centuries. During my visit in 2010, I estimated that all 34 rooms could be walked through in 2 hours, giving an impression of the collections. Photo Leonardo da Vinci painting

  • Cairo: Egyptian Museum - Tutankamon, etc, photo Tut's mask. If Egypt seems far, and if you are near Tampa, Florida, USA, don't miss the beautiful replica of Tut's grave chamber in Busch Gardens.

Per Åkesson 1994, revised maj '10

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