6: Great Archaeological Sights

  • Newgrange, Ireland - 5000 years old grave chamber
  • Orange, France: finest Roman theatre existing, etc, photo
  • Pont du Garde, France: Roman aqueduct
  • Segovia, Spain: preserved Roman aqueduct, 700 m long, night photo, day photo
  • Athens: Acropolis - with Parthenon & Erektum, 5th c BC. Parthenon was damaged by an explosion in 1687. A full-scale replica is located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. photo
  • Vienne, France: intact Roman temple, Roman theatre, Roman ruins
  • Rome: Forum Romanum, Colosseum, Pantheon, photo Colosseum, photo Villa Hadrianus, photo Pantheon
  • - Stonehenge, England - 3000 BC
  • - Knossos, Crete - Remains of the palace with the Minotaur, museum, ca 1500 BC. Excavated by Sir Arthur Evans (1851-1941) in 1900. photo
  • - Efesos, Turkey: Greek & Roman ruins
  • Giza / Saqqara, north Egypt: pyramids, sphinx, Cheops' boat, photo Giza, photo Saqqara
  • Thebe and Karnak, present Luxor in south Egypt: temple and graves in eg Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. In 1995 queen Nefertai' s grave opened for public, but in 2003 it had to close again since the paintings deteriorated, photo Luxor temple, photo Karnak
  • Chinese Wall - 6000 km long, built ca 200 BC - 1300 AD photo
  • Sian / Xian, China: royal terracotta graves, ca 210 BC, photo

Per Åkesson 1994, revised apr '10

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