9: Palaces

  • Versailles, Paris: 17th century, photo
  • Sans Soucis, Berlin: seat of Prussian kings, 18th century
  • Hermitage / Winter palace, St Petersburg: 18th century
  • Alhambra, Granada: Arab palace, 9th-13th century, photo
  • Kremlin, Moscow: armory & regalia, several cathedrals, 16th century, photo
  • The Tower, London: armory & regalia, 11th century
  • Aranjuez, Spain: royal summer palace, 18th century
  • El Escorial, Spain: site of mad king Philip II, 16th century
  • Summer palace / Petershof, St Petersburg: 18th century, rebuilt after WWII
  • Ostankino, Moscow: private palace entirely of wood, 18th century
  • Prazsky Hrad (the castle of Prague): castle with cathedral, etc
  • Forbidden City, Peking
  • Bangkok: Royal Palace and the adjoining Wat Po temple
  • - Palazzo Ducale, Venice
  • - Zwinger, Dresden: 18th century, rebuilt after WWII, photo
  • - Schönbrunn, Wien
  • - Isfahan, Iran: Shah's palace & mosque with beautiful green dome, 16th century
  • - Chorasan, Iran: Iman Reza sancturay & mosque
  • - Potala, Lhasa, Tibet: Dalai Lama temple, 17th century, photo

Per Åkesson 1994, revised apr '10

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