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N.B. This is my personal home page, not to be confused with more official pages of mine. Any opinions are personal. Click on flag for desired language.

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Personal info:

I free-lance as translator, teacher, technical writer, journalist & web editor. If you need my services please send a mail. This is my personal home page, expressing personal views, not to be confused with other web pages by me.

Some personal interests: Travel, languages (Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish and Russian), history, scepticism, Mensa, photo, cinema, motorcycles, speed, bicycles, unicycles, scuba diving, sailing, kayaks, downhill skiing, hot air balloons, rollercoasters, nuclear energy, music, and any parodies by Monty Python/Les Guignols/Bullyparade.

Do not like: Absolute truths, fundamentalism, sects, intolerance, propaganda (political or commercial), market-driven journalism.

I do fear the risk of biased or simplified journalism as a result of ever fewer and larger media conglomerates dominating all reporting (e.g. Viacom CBS, AOL Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann, News Corp). What may be at stake in the long run is free thought and democracy. This development can be balanced by state-funded "public service" journalism like the BBC or by free thought on the Internet.

Regarding Iraq: I regret that President George W Bush has chosen to use such words in his rhetoric ("crusade" and "if you're not with us, you're against us") that to the outside world are perceived as... shall we say, arrogance. With a more diplomatic approach a wider coalition against Saddam might have been possible. No wonder that France and Germany turned against the war, it was those governments' duty to respect popular will (80-90% against war). Also, the German government did not want to risk violating their own constitution (outlawing war participation unless attacked first).


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