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Hannelotte Kindlund's Garden in Övertänger, Sweden


Welcome to my garden!

1 June 2011

Penstemon 'Purple Gem'


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    I am a 'distance gardener' . In wintertime I live in Stockholm (USDA-zone 5) and in summertime I live in a little village - Övertänger - 300 km (188 miles) farther north in a much colder climate (USDA hardiness zone 3-4).

    My garden is not a designer’s garden but a collector's garden. In recent years many new countries have become open for plant-hunting, countries I never may see in reality. To grow plants from all over the world is my way to visit these countries. And it is a challenge to grow these exotic flowers in a surrounding where nature isn't very generous.

Meconopsis species and cultivars

    The last couple of years I have tried to become more acquainted with hardy orchids, climbimg monkhoods (Aconitum), Hepatica and cultivars of Anemone nemorosa. Gentiana, Corydalis, Pulsatilla and Meconopsis have kept my interest in many years.


    I am always looking for interesting new seed. Much of my seed I receive as a membership benefit from a number of garden societies or buy from seed-expeditions. But I am also always interested in swapping with old and new friends.

    Now, that I am retired, I am travelling quite a lot. Russia and the Russian flora are my special interest. I have been several times to Estonia, made an exciting trip to Kamchatka and to Southern Siberia and Russian Far East.


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