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What is underwater archaeology?

World's oldest ships? Excavation in Abydos, Egypt.

Go for a virtual swim with the sphinxes in Alexandria, Egypt.

The Nydam Boats, Iron Age warships in a bog.

Traditional Boatbuilding in Goa, India, where they still make beautiful outriggers.

Follow the raising of the Vasa and Mary Rose 16th and 17th century warships.

Nossa Senhora dos Mártires sank off Portugal in 1606 with Indian spices.

The "Sea Horse", unidentified snow brig with masts standing. Endangered by fishing nets.

The 18th century Mast Wreck rests on the sea bottom with one mast still standing.

Eastindiaman Götheborg sank with Chinese goods in 1745.

St Michael was headed for the Russian court but sank in 1747. All three masts still standing.

The Stockholm Brig, recreating a 19th century sailing ship from scratch.

If you like underwater photos or videos of pristine wrecks, visit the Nedjan, S/S Cedric, Johannes Russ real, Yenisey, Jura and Prosper.

The Champagne Wreck, spectacular salvage, but was it scientific?

The battleship USS Maine was found in deep water with ROV and side scan sonar.

For more videos, go to the Swedish inland page. real

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Nydam Boats
Nossa Senhora dos Mártires
Johannes Russ
Per Ĺkesson, editor

written Oct '98, Götheborg drawing by Roland Rydén, rev feb '07

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