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Gentiana and Swertia


Gentiana sinoornata and hybrids in the middle of October

Species and hybrids of Gentiana sinoornata, G. farreri, G. x hexafarreri and G. veitchiorum

G. 'Exquisit'

G. 'Alex Duguid '

G. 'Lucerna'

G. x hexafarreri seedling

G. hybrid (Delft-seedling)

G. hybrid

G. 'Lucerna'

G. sinoornata

G. sinoornata 'Weisser Traum'

G. veitchiorum L.S. 13321

G. 'Edith Sarah'

G hybrid 'Dumpy'

Delft seedling 2

Gentiana hybrid 'Angel Wings'

Gentiana hybrid 'Bellatrix'


Other summer or fall blooming
for peat bed and/or
wood land

G. triflora Alba

G. triflora 'Royal Blue'

G. linearis

Gentiana asclepiadea

Gentiana asclepiadea 'Rosea'


Gentiana djimilensis


Swertia perennis

Swertia perfoliata (with Anemonopsis)


Gentiana for rock garden
and border

Gentiana fischeri

G. sp (similar to .septemfida but more compact)

Gentiana verna angulosa

Gentiana lutea

Gentiana sp, Cruciata group

Gentiana verna, violet form

Gentiana verna, light blue form


Gentiana tibetica

. . .