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More toys, or maybe less toys and more tools. But they can be used as both.

SK 50 eller SAAB Safir. This aircraft was part of Silver Hill Flying Circus performing in Gran Canaria during 1985. The aircraft crashed there June 1985. The pilot Raymond Häggström died.

CESSNA 185-70 Was registred on Täby Sjöflygklubb och I had 2/25 parts.
Crached in the Stockholm archipelago some years ago.

CESSNA 185 - 1970 on floats. Was registred on Täby Seaplane Club and I had 2/25 parts.
It crached 2004 in the Stockholm archipelago.
If yuo click above you could read more about our Seapane Club and this aircraft.

CESSNA 150 - 1968. This aircraft is mostly used for Precision flying training and competition.
Engine Continental O-200 100HP. Cruising speed 90 knots.

PIPER PA-18 150 Hp -65. Owned by 4 partowners, inkluding me.

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