Sven Wickbergs (hi)story book

Update: 1999 10 28


  1. How this project started
  2. How Sven Wiberg nearly killed me without even trying
The Frieda Story
1. My mother died when I was 8 days old: Why, and Who was she?
2. How Hugo met Frieda  Why didn't they marry?
3. How Frieda met Erik, my father
4. The Rivals Where they really rivals?
5. David's wrath.Why did Erik's father cease to talk with him?
6. "Gottes Wille hat kein Warum" (God's will has now "why")
Epilogue 1: The mysterious Isle
Epilogue 2: The grave-digger's story
You may now continue with "The Left Hand Thumb" (more about Erik)

(See also below for further items, not yet fully organized.)

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Further items

Erik Wickberg, my father
Frieda de Groot, my mother
Johann de Groot, my grandfather
David Wickberg, my grandfather
Betty (Lundblad) Wickberg, his wife
Sven Wiberg, who nearly killed me
Hugo Wiberg, son of Sven Wiberg

Erik Wickberg
The General 1: Exhibition at Swedish Congress 1997
Career card
"The Left Hand Thumb"  -- life as a secret agent in WW2
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Frieda de Groot
How Hugo met Frieda
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Johannes de Groot
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Betty Lundblad, a pioneer

My Mother's Bible
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Sven Wiberg
The near heart attack
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Hugo Wiberg
How Hugo met Frieda
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