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Höyry-kone is a finnish band who sometimes are called "Finn Crimson".

Members of Höyry-kone are:

  • Jukka Hannukainen: vocals, synthesizers and programming
  • Teemu Hänninen: drums
  • Tuomas Hänninen: guitars
  • Jussi Kärkkäinen: guitars, pump organ
  • Nina Lehos: oboe
  • Topi Lehtipuu: vocals, violin
  • Marko Manninen: cello
  • Jarno Sarkula: basses, pump organ


  • CD Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa
  • CD Huono Parturi

    What APM, the record company had to say:

    Our tenth release is
    'Hyönteisä voi rakastaa'

    They are an eight piece heavy progressive rock band with the following
    advanced instrumentation: Jukka Hannukainen - vocals, synthesizers and
    programming, Teemu Hänninen - drums, Tuomas Hänninen - guitars, Jussi
    Kärkkäinen - guitars, pump organ, Nina Lehos - oboe, Topi Lehtipuu -
    vocals, violin, Marko Manninen - cello, Jarno Sarkula - basses, pump organ.
    The music can be described as influenced by King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Can
    and some Van der Graaf Generator. The first 1/3 of the CD has an 80's
    sound reminding of Adrian Belew period King Crimson or like Can or Sade
    getting real progressive. On some tracks you can find a craziness
    reminding of 'The Prague School' or Henry Cow, but the last 2/3 is very
    much in the heavier 70's progressive tradition. However because of the
    advanced instrumentation, they have a very unique sound! Some tracks
    remind of a more dynamic and weird Anekdoten. One tracke is like a more
    symphonic and advanced version of very early Judas Priest aka 'Sad wings
    of destiny', but without the vocals of Rob Halford! On top of this they
    have a very strong Finnish identity, giving an exotic melancholic or sad
    flavour to the music. Since the 70's nothing like this has come out of
    Finland, the country of the thousand lakes and huge dark forests! Believe
    me, this band might be as popular as Änglagård, Anekdoten and Landberk.
    No doubt! Some of the musicians are studying at the Musical Academy in
    Helsinki and related schools, which explains their very refined
    instrumental skills!!! (Some of them are classically trained!) This band
    was discovered by Jan-Erik Liljeström and Anekdoten, who kindly brought
    Höyry-Kone & APM together. The two bands accidentaly met in London at a
    pub after a Daevid Allen concert. By the way Höyry-Kone means
    Steam engine while 'Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa' means 'It's possible to love
    insects'. Logic, isn't it?

    Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa

    APM 9510 AT

    This is the songs contained on 'Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa':
    1. Örn
    2. Raskaana
    3. Hämärän joutomaa
    4. Pannuhuoneesta
    5. Louttamus
    6. Kaivoonkatsoja
    7. Kosto
    8. Hätä
    9. Myrskynmusiikkia
    10. Hyönteiset

    Huono Parturi

    APM 9720 AT

    This is the songs contained on 'Huono Parturi':
    1. Beata Viscera
    2. Terva-Antii ku häihin lähti
    3. Karhunkaato
    4. Lumisaha
    5. Baksteri
    6. Houno parturi
    7. Ullakon lelut
    8. Tottele
    9. Kala
    10. Laahustaja
    11. Laina-ajalla