Underwater Archaeology Videos

Learn about maritime archaeology with these films:

Sture. Steamer built of steel, sank in 1935 on 27 m depth in Lake Vänern. The video shows various parts in excellent state of preservation, including logbook on the bridge. (10 MB Real Video)

Johannes Russ. Sunk by British sub in 1915. (12 MB Real Video)

Titanic, sunken in 1912. (500 kB MPEG)

Slätteskär. Steamship made of wood in the mid-19th century. Sank in 1904 on c 20 m depth in Lake Vänern. Very well preserved with hull and deck fully intact. (12 MB Real Video)

USS Maine. 3D animation of ROV on the deep-sea site. (6 MB MPEG)

The Wreck at “Gubbens hôla”. Located on 24 m depth in Lake Vänern. It is a 20 m long clinker-built ship, still not investigated. The video includes the galley's fireplace made of brick. (9 MB Real Video)

Medieval boat? Near Naven lighthouse, Lake Vänern, on 12 m depth. Clinker-built, with mast step in one of the ribs, which is quite unusual. (11 MB Real Video)


You will also find unlimited amount of videos on YouTube. A personal favorite is Dive Corner, by Göran Nilsson, who died in 2011. x


Gubbens hôla, fireplace of brick
Per Åkesson, editor

written Nov '02, rev jul '12

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