About Per Åkesson

Living in Stockholm, Sweden. Editor of Nordic Underwater Archaeology. I started diving in 1978, inspired by Cousteau. I am an amateur underwater archaeologist and a member or the Swedish Underwater Archaeology Society.

SPA fieldwork 1999

SPA fieldwork 1999, Portugal

Diving qualifications:

  • Swedish "A class" commercial license, issued by Swedish Navy
  • Australian 2815.2 Restricted Diver Accreditation Scheme Part 1, commercial diver (thanks to the Dive Bell)
  • CMAS * diving instructor

Other qualifications:

  • BA in Journalism, Stockholm University
  • Studies in underwater archaeology and Antiquity, Stockholm University, as well as South Stockholm University College
  • Studies in languages and literature in USA, France and Russia
  • Studies in computer science, Royal Institute of Technology
  • Professional free-lance translator since 1987

In 1993 I searched for wrecks in Estonia using side scan sonar. In 1996 I sailed on a 13th century replica ship to Estonia. No motor, just sail and oars. In 1997 I excavated wrecks in Poland, in 1998 I participated in the Pandora expedition, and in 1999 wreck search in Bretagne and excavation on San Pedro de Alcantara.

For my living, I write articles for newspapers and magazines, translate technical texts, teach math, hold computer courses for beginners ("Click that Start button!"), and edit or develop web sites. In 2002 I worked as a TV reporter for Swedish National Television. If you want my services, let me know.

If I had Janis Joplin by my side, I'd ask her to sing "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a rebreathing kit". A rebreather is a piece of expensive diving equipment.

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