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Claes´ home page

You can be my friend, but at your own risc!

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My Skype name: mellangaarden
My favourite links
  • The High Coast
  • Ancient computer club
  • The Cullberg ballet
  • 5i12-Movement [Anti racesism movement]
  • National Center f Flexible Learning
  • Öbacka Jazz&Blues (Jazzclub)
  • Ulla Viotti's brick ring (88 K)
  • CV (my biography - in English)

  • Härnösand, where I live
  • My address
  • Stop Big Brother!
  • Sirikit & Hasse (our son 2 years)
  • Physics around the world
  • Popular science association
  • CareWare? (nice html-editor!)
  • My friend Jeff's site

  • Claes Ahlin

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