Wrecks & shipfinds of the Mediterranean

2. Antiquity after 480 BC

This section starts with the Greek Classic Period and ends with the collapse of the Roman Empire in 395 AD. During this period the Mediterranean had a dramatic increase in shipping, becoming an Autobahn of its day. The shipping volume of the Roman Empire would not be exceeded until maybe the 17th century AD.

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Comment: There are very few Mediterranean wrecks from the two intervals of roughly 1150-750 BC and 400-900 AD. These gaps correspond to times of very little shipping and trade. First gap: The Dark Ages after the collapsed early Greek civilisations. Second gap: The Middle Ages. The shipping volume of Roman times was perhaps not reached again until the 16th or 17th century AD. This has been demonstrated by Dr A. J. Parker, see diagram.

Nemi ship photo courtesy Dianae Lacus. Page by Per Åkesson rev okt '12

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