Bottle and clay pipe types

This is a simple instrument to date a site. The two tables are from the book Marinarkeologi by Swedish archaeologist Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg (Wikens Förlag, Sweden, 1985), by courtesy of the author. Choose a resolution that fits your monitor:

Sample bottle types 1650-1800 low resolution 750x945 high resolution 910x1147
Sample clay pipe types 1580-1840 low resolution 750x995 high resolution 871x1155

clay pipes, photo Mats Börje

Clay pipes found on the Götheborg, sunk in 1743

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There are similar typological tables in the book The Underwater Dig by Robert F Marx (New York 1975).

The drawings are made by Pia Christensen, layout by Per Åkesson, scanning by Rune Edberg, 1996

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