Switzerland, Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland

Photos from some beautiful places in Europe, summer '97.

If you go to Basel, Switzerland, you may see this funny ferry. It runs along a cable in the air and it's powered by the river itself.

Quite comfortable and quick across the river.

If you like art nouveau (jugendstil), don't miss Prague. This is the Republic Square. 

The Karlstein castle in Bohemia, Czechia, was rebiult in a romantic pseudo-medieval style in the 19th century. It's beautiful anyway.

If you want to get away from the other tourists in Czechia, go to Kutna Hora, visit the Gothic cathedral and the underground silver mines.

The Slovakian capitol Bratislava was a disappointment. It was absurd to see the motorway that ran through the old town.

The synagogue of Trnava, Slovakia,  stands empty since the Holocaust.

In Gdansk (Danzig) this is the first of three concecutive ceremonial gates to the old town.

The reconstructed Zeughaus,  the arms house of old Danzig. Presently it's more peaceful and has a shopping mall inside.

The Polish Maritime Museum is housed in the reconstructed granaries. Outside is the museum's research ship, the Kaszubski Brzeg.

For the photos I used my Nikon FE-2. Six of them with a 20 mm lens. For guiding, thanks to Tereza T. and the Lonely Planet guide.

Per Åkesson, 1997


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