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Vikingarnas skepp (Det danske kulturinstitut 1993). Describing the ships of the Vikings. In Danish.

The Earliest Ships (Conway Maritime Press 1996)

George F Bass: A History of Seafaring based on Underwater Archaeology (Thames & Hudson)

Jean Boudriot: Le vaisseau de 74 canons (Collection archéologie navale française 1977). Beautiful and detailed illustrations of this 18th century standard warship. There is also an edition in English.

F. H. af Chapman: Architectura navalis mercatoria (Stockholm 1768). The legends to the drawings are in Swedish, English and French. Even the measurements are in Swedish feet, English feet and French feet (all of them slightly different). In 1957 a reprint was made from the 53 huge original plates.

Basil Greenhill: The Archaeology of Boats and Ships (London 1976, 1995)

Duncan Haws: Ships and the Sea

Björn Landström: The Ship (1961)

Björn Landström: Seglande skepp (1969)

J. Richard Steffy: Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks (1994)

H.D.L. Viereck: Die römische Flotte (1975, Koehlers Verlag, Germany). Plenty of facts and excellent reconstruction drawings of Roman ships.

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