Space Patrol Orion


What sounds like a fairy tale today, may be tomorrow's reality. Here's a fairy tale from the day after tomorrow. There are no more nations. Only humanity and its colonies in space. Distant stars have been settled. The ocean beds are inhabited. Space ships cross the galaxy at unimaginable speeds. One such ship is the Orion. A small link in a great chain of defense against threats from space. Let's join Orion and her crew on patrol at the edges of infinity...

Space Patrol Orion (original title: Raumpatrouille, Swedish title: Rymdpatrullen) is a German science fiction series that has acquired cult status with fans in Germany and in many other countries.

Orion, the spaceship and her crew
Orion, the spaceship and parts of her crew © Bavaria Film

You can order a complete set of all seven episodes on DVD from
Raumpatrouille Orion Kult-Kollektion (3 DVD's)
or in a de-luxe tin ("Alphabox"):
Raumpatrouille Orion - Alphabox.

The subtitles on this page will let you to watch the series in English or Swedish.

How to watch the DVDs with subtitles

The best way (but a bit complicated and time-consuming to set up) is to use some method that involves de-multiplexing the DVDs and burning new DVDs with proper subtitles added. Please see this guide for one way to do that.

If you're in a hurry, one very simple approach is to use the Media Player Classic software. It will let you play a DVD with subtitles from an external file. The disadvantage is that if you use the subtitle files below "as is", subtitles will typically appear one second too early. You can compensate for that by loading your subtitle file into Subtitle Workshop, adding a one second delay (Edit / Timings / Set delay) to all subtitles, and then saving as a new file.

Download your subtitles here

Please let me know if you find anything wrong with these subtitles (translation errors etc.) and remember to check back regularly for updates! You can join the Yahoo! group Space Patrol Orion for discussions about these subtitles and other matters concerning the series.

EpisodeEnglish subtitlesSwedish subtitles
Svenska undertexter
1. Attack from Outer Space / Hotet från rymdenDownload version 0.90 hereDownload version 0.90 here
2. Planet Off Course / Planet ur kursDownload version 0.90 hereDownload version 0.90 here
3. Guardians of the Law / Robotarnas upprorDownload version 0.90 hereDownload version 0.90 here
4. Deserters / DödsstrålenDownload version 0.91 hereDownload version 0.91 here
5. Battle for the Sun / Striden om solenDownload version 0.93 hereDownload version 0.93 here
6. The Space Trap / RymdkaparnaDownload version 0.92 hereDownload version 0.90 here
7. Invasion / Invasion utifrånDownload version 0.90 hereDownload version 0.90 here

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