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This section contains downloads for some open source software that either I have created, or that others have created and I have patched.


OpenSCEP is a software the implements the client and server side of the SCEP protocol (see the scep internet draft over at The software, written in c, is will used but rather dated with the last published version (0.4.2) from 2001. It suffers from a few problems:

  • The code only compiles using an old version (0.9.6) of openssl, making it unusable on modern os installations.
  • The code crashes when receiving a SCEP reply if verbose logging is used.
Here I provide a version patched for these two isses, making OpenSCEP quite useful if your interesed in the SCEP protocol.

The patch to make it work with openssl 0.9.7 is not my work, I simply found it by googling for a solution. The patch seems to be from Michael Gold.

The patch for the crash when receiving replies is my own work.

Download openscep-0.4.2-patchedforopenssl097-andsegfault.tar.gz.

There is also a version with a patch on the patch to make it compile with openssl 0.9.8. This small patch was not done by me either, but by simon(at) Great job by all!

Download openscep-0.4.2-patchedforopenssl098-andsegfault.tar.gz.

I encourage anyone to share this code, so it's not lost if this page dies...

To compile openscep on a debian/ubuntu machine you must at least install the packages:

  • apt-get install libssl-dev
  • apt-get install libldap2-dev
after that you can just do './configure' and 'make'.


You can download EJBCA - Enterprise Java Beans Certificate Authority, from here.

OpenCard 64bit

This is a patch to enable the OpenCard Framework (or over at sourceforge) for smart cards to work in 64 bit Linux environments. The patch was initiated and initially done by me, but this nice diff was done by Nuuti Kotivuori.

Download ocfpcsc64.diff.

For OpenCard to work nicely with the PC/SC card readers in a 64-bit environment you also need a new file. The 64-bit code for this have already been committed to the pcsclite svn repository, you can view it over at

The homepage of pcsc-lite is

Linux Bluetooth GPRS/3G scripts

These are my files from /etc that are used to connect my laptop to internet with my mobile. The computer connects to my M600i with bluetooth and connect the phone as a modem to Tele2 GPRS/3G.