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(sept 2012): Granny 8-stream is now the freeware version.
Gestures can be recorded and played back in a loop.
(march 2012): MIDI Note-off does not stop sound if there are multiple notes. (Esp useful in 8-stream version.)
(dec 2011): Fixed several bugs in sound output. Support ASIO.
(may 2010): Support 24/32-bit files. Fixed clicks starting/stopping. (version "T10" and free 1.2)
(may 2008): Granny 8: Record separate soundfile from each stream - jam now remix later (version "T9")
(march 2008): Interpolation choices for much cleaner sound. Faster engine. (version "T8" and free 1.1)
(may 2003): Granny 8: MIDI update. Each stream has its own MIDI channel. Better crude/fine control for sliders ("waggle" mode - see help file)

What is it?
GranuLab is a real-time granular synthesizer for Windows.

What: Granulation means chopping the sound into small overlapping segments and playing back just like the original, or twisted, or another time.
Howto: Open a soundfile and warp it -- time stretch, pitch shift, chorus or turn into static. Smooth transition to anything and back.
Control: Features: MIDI (mono synth style), MIDI (remote-control sliders), amplitude warp, random offset. More planned.

Links: Wikipedia on Granular Synthesis | A brief explanation by Barry Truax. | Another article, by Eric Küehln

GranuLab 1.x is freeware.   Granny 8 is an extended version that you can buy -- it allows 8 soundfiles.

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GranuLab 8-stream
Use 8 grain streams simultaneously.
The streams are independent -- like using 8 Granny 1's at the same time. Streams can be muted and soloed.
Each stream can be controlled by MIDI notes and sliders to its own channel (channels 1-8).

As of Sept 1, 2012, GranuLab 8 is the basic freeware version.

GranuLab^2 plans.
Preliminary and subject to changes. No time schedule.

• New interface - rotation knob sliders and pretty picture of soundfile.
• Live input - Capture phrases and/or use a buffer of N last seconds of input sound.
• More control options - LFO's, automation, connect sliders across streams, support BMP units etc.
• Support OSC.
• N-band filter on input sound, each outputs a grain stream. Another sound can control N-band filter; this allows granular vocoder effects.

Old Versions

GranuLab 1.0 (April 24, 2000)


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