Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport 1997

Workshop manual
Parts Manual Sport 1100 carb. (1995-96)
Parts Manual 1100 Sport ie (1996-97)
Parts Manual 1100 Sport Corsa (1998-99)

Torque specs

Bearing cross-reference

Wiring schematics and Owners manual thanks to Carl Allison

Protect your ECU with a Transil Diode, 1100 Sport supplement

Jefferies MyECU is a fully programmable replacement ECU (instead of PCIII)
MyECU map import/export spreadsheet by Richard Collins

Loads of good technical stuff at

Better relays from Pyro-Dan's Place. He also supplies front brake switches. In Sweden, ELFA may be a better alternative for that.

Used parts heaven: Reboot Guzzi Spares

Some plugins for Innovate Logworks

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