Replicas of Nordic ships

Replicas and reconstructions can serve experimental archaeology as well as traditional shipbuilding. Replicas of the world are on a separate page.

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Prehistoric & pre-Viking ships

Hjortspring boat boat with sewn planks, based on find from 3rd century BC 1999 Denmark
Tuna Boat boat with sewn planks, based on find from 8th century AD 2000 TunabåtenFoteviken Museum, Sweden
Sæ Wylfing based on the Sutton Hoo Ship 2000 England

Viking ships

Viking based on the Gokstad ship 1893 Crossed the Atlantic from Norway in 1893.
Ormen Friske based on the Gokstad ship 1949 Lost with all men off Helgoland in 1950. Ref MAT 4/99.
Hugin   1949 Denmark
Imme Gram based on the Ladby ship 1963 Denmark. Built with sawn planks.
Sebbe Als 24 oar warship based on Skuldelev 5 1969 Denmark
Imme Aros based on the Ellingå find 1969 Denmark
Kraka based on find in Danzig/Gdansk. Link. 1971 Snekkeklubben
Imme Drøpner based on the 2 small boats found inside the Gokstad ship 1970s Denmark
Imme Heidrun based on the 2 small boats found inside the Gokstad ship 1974 Denmark
Lindheim Sunds based on Skuldelev 5 1975 Denmark
Fyrdraca based on find from Ralswiek, Rügen, Germany in 1967

Length - 32' 2", Length at the waterline - 29', Beam - 9' 2", Draft - 2' (plus steerboard), Displacement - 6,000 lbs, Sail Area - 240 Sq ft, Oars - 12 (14'), Crew - 6 to 24 

1979 The Longship Company, Ltd. 
21924 Oakley Road Avenue 
MD 20609 USA

+1- 301-390-4089

Hjemkomst LOA: 76.5' Beam: 17.5' Heigth to gunwhale: 7' Weight: 16 tons Mast height: 60' Sail: 40' x 30'. w/optional top sail Yard: 32'. Rudder: side mounted oar, 12.5', 16" side blade Tiller bar: 40". Oars: 32 (16 pr.) Crew: 13 
Construction: 16 strakes on each side of keel, each made of 1" thick oak Strakes overlap 1 1/4' and fastened with 2 1/2 x 3/8" rivets with square roves.
1980 The Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center, 202 First Avenue North, Moorhead, MN 56560, USA.
Phone: (218) 233-5604

sailed from New York to Norway 1982

Krampmacken small, 8 m long trading ship 1980? Sweden. Based on the Bulverket find dated to ca 1130 AD.
Saga Siglar based on Skuldelev 1 ? sailed around the world 1984-86
Gyrfalcon based on find in i Gokstad, Norway

Viking boat. Length - 20', Beam - 5', Draft - 2' (plus steerboard), Displacement - 250 lbs, Sail Area - 80 Sq ft, Oars - 4 (8'), Crew - 3 to 5

1981 The Longship Company, Ltd. 
21924 Oakley Road Avenue 
MD 20609 USA


Imme Skinfaxe based on Skuldelev 3 1982 Denmark
Havørn   1985 Noway
Gaia based on the Gokstad ship 1989 Norway
Nevo (text in Russian) small river ship, 12 m long 1991 Made in Russia. Sailed from Kotka, Finland, to Greece in 1991. Eventually destroyed in Greece.
Helge Ask based on Skuldelev 5 1991? Denmark. Built using radially split planks. The page has links & info on other viking ships.
Aifur small river ship 1992 Sweden, sailed to Russia in 1994 and 1996
Leif Ericson "Norseman" Sparred length: 40'. LOA: 36'. LOD: 32'  LWL: 30'  Draft: 3'  Beam: 9' Rig height: 25'  Freeboard: 3'  Sail area: 297 sq.ft. Tons: 2grt. Power: 25 hp outboard (mounted in well). Hull fiberglass. 1992 Pennsylvania, USA
The Rus Project based on the Lapuri find, trying to reach the Bosporus various 1993-96 Finland,
Sigrid Storråda based on the Gokstad ship 1995 Sweden
Vidfamne and Starkodder Vidfamne is based on the Äskekärr find of 1933 1995 Sweden, tel +46-31-522711 or Jörgen Johansson tel +46-31-648565
Mjøsen Lange 10 m long 1995 Norway
Anund free interpretation, using a stem rudder 1996 Sweden
Roar Ege based on Skuldelev 3 1997 Denmark. Built using radially split planks.
Erik Emune based on find in Foteviken 1997 built at at Foteviken maritime centre, Sweden
Snorri 16 m long knarr based on the Skuldelev # 1 find at Roskilde 1997 "Viking voyage 1000", USA 
Tried in 1997 to sail from Greenland to New Foundland
Bialy Kon Based on the Ralswiek 2 find, Rügen, Germany 1998 Bialy Kon


based on the Årby boat 1998 Sweden


based on 10th century find from Danzig. Link. 1998 Snekkeklubben


Swedish Viking ship based on the Gokstad ship 1999 Contact:


based on the Gokstad ship ? University of Wales Bangor replica project
Isledningur based on the Gokstad ship ? 22 m long, Iceland
Himmingläva   2001 Håkan Altrock, Sweden

Medieval and later ships

Aluett 13th century merchant ship 1995 Swedish Naval Museum, Karlskrona
Agnete 13th century merchant ship 1995 Denmark
Helga Holm (sometimes bad connection) 14th century ship, 22 m long 1983 Stockholm, Sweden
Malmö Cog / Skanör Cog based on the Skanör Cog, dated to ca 1390 2003 link
Blanka medieval ship ? Medieval Museum in Stockholm, Sweden
Styra (sometimes bad connection) based on shipfind from ca 1415 1995 Sweden
Kalmar Nyckel Swedish ship from 1638 1997/98 Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
Christine av Bro "bojort" one-master lake ship of 17th century type 2003 Kristinehamn, Sweden
Hiorten Swedish 17th c post ship 1999 Swedish Naval Museum, Karlskrona
Eastindiaman Götheborg The original Götheborg was built in 1738 and sank in 1745. Now built with modern equipment, but exterior and rigging are historically true. 2005 Eastindiaman Götheborg
Jacobstads Wapen 2 mast ship, 18th century, designed by af Chapman. Photo with thanks to Henrik Othman, Jakobstads Tidning, Finland. 1992 Jakobstads museum, Finland, Tel: +358- 67 7851 373. A book in English about the shipbuilding can be ordered for FIM 140 from Jakobstads sjöhistoriska förening, Storgatan 2, FIN-68600 JAKOBSTAD, Finland. Tel: +358-6-785 15 30.
Hoppet av Brantevik Brantevik, Sweden 2002 based on the one-master Castor from 1867 built in Nykøbing, Denmark.
The brig Gerda Gävle, Sweden 2005 The original was from 1869 and scrapped in the 1950s.


original from 1879 2000 Finland
Albanus 2 mast schooner, 1901 1988 Mariehamn, Åland, photo
Linden replica of 3 mast schooner from 1920 1992 Åland

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