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Also known as PSYCHO-TOMTE [Psycho Family].


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Tapir Graphics
My graphics, web and software company.

Here are some other images I've done that can be used as a wallpaper:
Sunsea Landscape
A planet with water close to a
big star.
A mountain-area landscape
with a small lake. Made by my
friend David and I.
I can't put big size images here because they take up so much space, so mail me if you want any image.

Very good 3d Studio MAX site with lots of good tutorials.

3D Cafe
Good site with lots of 3d meshes.



Deep Below - Q2CTF map
My first map for Quake 2. It supports only Quake2 Capture The Flag and consists of an upper red area, a lower blue area and a big cylinder in the middle.

The red baseA top view of the map
The big cylinder in the middle of the mapA front view of the map, with the flags marked
The blue base


Ultimate FISHY Ultimate FISHY Server 1.2
A homemade server-side patch for Quake. Players look like fishes and behave like fishes.
What's new in 1.2:
Bug fix - Some weapon-bugs fixed (the bullets and missiles previously hit too high)

The best map editor I've ever seen.



All my programs are, and will always be, FREE!!!

Dogshit Splitter v2.12
This is a Win95/NT program that splits up files into smaller parts and back again. Very useful when you want to copy a file to a floppy disk and the file is too large for one.
Make sure that you have the DLL below before running.
What's new in 2.12:
Fixed a file-creation bug.

MP3 Dir -> PlayList v1.06
A Win95/NT program that puts all MP3-files in a directory into a M3U-playlist.
Make sure that you have the DLL below before running.
What's new in 1.06:
- Added the ability to add files from subdirectories. The checkbox for searching subdirectories is checked by default.
- It is now possible to add different types of files by separating the patterns in the pattern box with semicolons (;), for example: "*.mp3; *.xm"

NibbleNet v0.50
Win95/NT nibble game. You can start a server or join one through the Internet, and play up to 6 players in one game.
This is a pre-demo version for up to 2 players on the same computer. I don't know if the final version ever will be finished :(

NetDesktop v1.00
A server located Win95/NT program that let a client connected to a server to send a message through the server and to the desktop of a computer the client hasn't got access to. The program can also execute other programs on the server. Just send a message file to the server (through FTP), and it will auto-direct it.

DougChat - Coming soon... (maybe :)
A chat program that let you specify an IP address and then connect to another DougChat user. Later versions will also support remote execution of programs.

If you have Win95 or WinNT4 with Service Pack 1 or less, you will need this DLL-file in order to run Dogshit Splitter or MP3 Dir -> PlayList.
It must be placed in the following directory:
-Windows 95: windows/system/
-Windows NT: winnt/system32/

ULOS - Homemade Operating System
I'm also making my very own operating system. It will have a graphic interface, an own (in-file) file system and an own programming language.
The name is preliminary ULOS - UseLess Operating System (Although it will be useful for some things...)
Watch out for more details.

BLARGH Interpreter
I have made a new programming language for DOS called BLARGH.
This is an interpreter for BLARGH.

A small homemade program that is meant to be used as a screen-saver for DOS.
Small dots become alive on the screen.



A Cybertown clan I'm a member of.

The new ULTIMATE "religion".

Great place for action game news, but in swedish.

id Software
The guys who made Quake, Quake2 and Quake3 Arena.


Other Links

David's Homepage - A friend's homepage.


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