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Peace & Blessings on Prophet Muhammad

May Allah's peace and blessings be upon
Sayyiduna Muhammad, his family and his companions.

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(4) Four Publications:

The Four Imams and Their Schools
By Gibril Fuad Haddad
Foreward by Sayyid Yusuf Hashim al-Rifa'i
Paperback 551 Pages, Muslim Academic Trust, London; - at < kitaabun >
The edition is in English with some Arabic.

"The Great Edifice of Islamic Law is held up by four towering figures of
the early middle ages: Abu Hanifa, Malik, al-Shafi'i, and Ibn Hanbal.
Because of their immense dedication and intellectual acuity, these men
enjoy recognition to this day as Islam's most influential scholars." < more >
The Refutation of he who attributes direction to Allah
This short theological tract, Fi Nafi al-Jiha, or On Denying
Direction to God, by the Ashari theologian and celebrated
Shafi'i jurist, Qadi Ibn Jahbal (d. 733/1333), is a clinical
rebuttal of the controversial fatwa, the Aqida Hamawiyya,
penned by his legendary contemporary, Ibn Taymiyya (d. 728/1328).
It is considered, rightly, a classic manifesto of anti-literalism,
which will be an indispensable reference for advanced students of
Islamic theology, other professional theologians, and modern
academics needing primary source materials in English or a
source book on the controversies surrounding Ibn Taymiyya's theology.

see also: c/f The Fatwâ H.amawiyya by Ibn Taymiyya

From the Two Holy Sanctuaries: A Hajj Journal. This is a revised
and updated edition of the one which Sidi Gibril F Haddad first
published in Damascus in 1999. Amal Press published it.

Sunna Notes Volumes 1 and 2 are two new books by Dr. Gibril F Haddad,
"The purpose of this book is to do away once and for all with perilous
misconceptions and to present over 160 proofs for the Sunni understanding
of Sunna and bid'a as it was ­ and continues to be ­ set forth in classical,
moderate, mainstream Islam according to the Sunni Salaf and Khalaf
including the Four Schools of Fiqh."
main list of texts

These files are directly accessed:

Allah's Names and Attributes
40 Days After Death
40 Hadiths Illustrating the Superlative Eloquence of the Prophet
80 Hadiths on the Prophet's Knowledge of the Unseen
A Qur'an-only Feminist
About Sayyid Yusuf Al-Rifa`i
Abu Bakr and International Law
Abu Bakrah and the Feminists
Abu Hanifa
Abu Hurayra The Paragon Of The Prophetic Sunna
Abu Hurayra's Two Vessels of Knowledge
Advice For Arabic Study
Advice To Our Brothers The Scholars Of Najd
Ahl Sunna on Yazid ibn Muawiyya
Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (661-728)
Al Uthaymin
Al-Albani, Concise Guide to the Chief Innovator of Our Time
Al-Ghazali ( with list of works )
Al-Junayd Al-Baghdadi
Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi
Al-Khilafa And Imam al-Ghazali
Al-Sakhawi's Sufi Teachers
Al-Shafi`i And Taswwuf
Al-Suyuti ( with list of works )
Ali, Disparagement of
An Example Of Al-Shafi`i's Jurisprudence
An Incident of "Istighatha"
Charging Muslims With Shirk
Committing Criminal Excesses
Compound Ignorance (Jahl murakkab)
Concerning Adam And The Fruit Of Paradise
Concerning Early Jumu`a
Concerning Muhammad `Abduh
Consensus concerning some issues related to the Qur'ân
Contempt of the Ulema
Critique of MH Kamali article 'Freedom of Expression in Islam'
On Correcting Others
Deceased Non-Muslims
Defending the Transgressed ... MAA
Defense Ag. Slander From The 'Murabitun'
Descent of Isa (Jesus)
Disciplining and punishing dependents
Divine Perfection and Struggling Belief
Dhikr Allah, Allah
Dhikr versus Takfir
Dictionary of Muslim Saints
Doctrine of Ahl al-Sunna, hadith on the present fitna
Documentation of "Greater Jihad" hadith
Donating reward of Salat
Eradicating the House of his Mawlid
Fighting Women of Islâm
Foolish Re-Formulation of Islam
Grave Destruction And Desecration
Regarding Erecting Tombs
Greetings of Salâm
Fatwa On Tawassul
Hadir And Nazir
Hadith: Follow my Sunna - Replies to Shi`is
Hadith Of Adam's tawassul through the Prophet MHMD
Hadith On Fasting in Rajab
Hadith On The Formation Of Human Life
Hadith On The Gatherings Of Loud Dhikr
Hadith On The Present Fitna
Hadiths Of The Fly (Bacteriophages)
Hadiths On the Cosmos
Hadith ”The Book of Allah And My Sunna”
Hanbali `Aqida of Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir
Have you seen a faqih - Reason And Knowledge in Islam
How I Came To Islam, F Haddad
How not to pray (book review)
"Hayati khayrun lakum" and Lake-Fount Hadiths
Ibn `Arabi on Uncreatedness of Quran
Ibn `Abd al-Salam and Ash`ari Ta'wil (Figurative Interpretation of the Mutashâbihât)
Ibn Abi Shayba
Ibn Al-Qayyim
Ibn `Arabi
Ibn Baz, A Concise Guide to Another Primary Innovator in Islam
Ibn Furak Al-Shafi`i'
Ibn Hajar & Akbari Follower Mubahala
Ibn Jahbal on Ibn Taymiyya
Ibn Taymiyya
Ibn Taymiyya On "Futooh Al-Ghayb" And Sufism
Ibn Taymiyya/Shah Wali Allah/Ibn `Abd al-Barr
Ibn `Abd al-Wahhabs Tawhid
Imâm Ahmad's `Aqîda and Pseudo-H. anbal `Aqîda
Imam Nawawi's Greeting Of Prophet MHMD
Impressibility of the Salaf
Ink of the Ulema Hadith
Instructing the dead after burial etc.
Interview with Gibril Fouad Haddad
Islamic Parallels With Antichrist Story
Islamqa.com typifies Wahhabism
Istiwa is a Divine Act
Jawahir al-Kalamiyya Questionnaire
Khâlid ibn Ma`dân
Kitâb al-Tawh.îd by M. ibn `Abd al-Wahhâb (review) Kitab al-Tawhid
Lone-Narrator reports
Madhhab Differences in Islam
Madhhabs of the Imams of Hadith
Marriage and "men's cruelty"
Mawlana's Open Door In Johore And Singapore
Merits of al-Sham al-Sharif
Miscarriage - Loss of a child
Manarchy in Quran And Hadith
More Quran-Only Feminism
Mufti Taqi Usmani's Fatwa on Mawlid
Mushaahadat Al-Haadi Muhammad
Muslims read your own history
Mustalah And Aqida Questions
My Companions Are Like The Stars
Narrations on wife's piety to husband
Narration of our liege-lord `Ali from al-Hasan al-Basri
Nawawi on "Actions are according to intentions"
Nawawi, Subki, & Ghazali On Ta'wil
New Kharijism
Nigeria's Ugly Pageant
No Difference between Barelwis and Deobandis
Obituary Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro (rahimahullah)
On article "Recapturing Islam from Pacifists"
On Dhikr (Remembrance of God) from Nuzhat al-Majalis
On Quoting And Using Mawdu' Hadiths
On Slander
On the fitna of women
On the Mahdi & Imam Malik
Outline Of Misbah Al-Anam, by al-Habib `Alawi ibn Ahmad al-Haddad
Poem of Tawassul and Praise
Probativeness of Sunna (Hujjiyya al-Sunna)
Problematic Hadiths And Var. Questions
Proof-texts of the Life of the Prophet in His Grave [revised]
Prophetic Eloquence
Qasida Burda verses 35-36
Questions about Islam
Questions about the Hadra
Questions on Aqida and Usul
Refutation of Ihsan Ilahi Zahir
Regarding A Hadith Proving Or Negating Allah Is Or Was In A Place
Regarding Khumayyis
Regarding Sheikh Al-Albaani
Regarding The Asma An-Nabi MHMD
Regarding The Book of Proofs - Defense of Habib Ali & Tasawwuf
Regarding The Detractors of Ihya
Regarding The Fitnah In The Article On The Naqshbandi Chain of Narrators
Regarding The Text: The "Hand" of Allâh
Regarding "Whoever knows himself, he knows his Lord"
Renouncing the World for Forty Days
'Salafi' campaign of publication
'Salafi' forgeries & manipulations
'Salafi' Tampering of Riyad al-Salihin
'Salafi' Tampering of Tafsir Ruh al-Ma`ani
Salat al-Duha - Awwabin
Saying La Ilaha ila-llah
Scholarly Titles in Islam
Seek Knowledge as far as China
Shaykh Abd al-Qadir Gilani's Lineage
Shaykh Buti on Hikam: Foreordained Destiny & Inefficacy of Material Causes-&-Effects
Shaykh Wahbi Ghawji's Bio-Bibliography
Signs Of The Hour
Six Muslim Scholars
Standard Missionary Islamophobia
Stoking Intolerance: Reply to The Partisan Review
Story of the Cranes / 'Satanic verses'
Strictness and Laxity in H.adîth Criticism
Sufism in Islam, upd.
Sufism of Putative 'Salafi' References
Sunna def of bid`a of good and bad
Tafsir "Ahl al-Bayt"
Tawassul of `Umar through al-`Abbas
The Beautiful Sunna
The Coming of the Mahdi
The 'Disclaimed' (Munkar) H.adîth
The 'Hand' of Allah (swt)
The Light of the Prophet
The Meaning of Bid'a
The Meaning of Sunna
The Murabitun and Shaykh Nazim
The Prophet MHMD - A Mercy to the Worlds
The Prophet MHMD - Alim-ul-Ghayb?
The Prophet MHMD in Barzakh
The Prophetic Title: "Best Of Creation" MHMD
The Qadariyya, Mu`tazila, and Shî`a
The Story of Hadith
The Sunna Status Of Collective Supplication (du`a)
The Superiority Of Fiqh Over Hadith
The Veil In Islam
The Vision of Allah in the World and the Hereafter
Those Who Attack Al-Kawthari
Those Who Attack Imam Ghazali
Tomb Structures, Visits, and Vows
Trial Of The Grave updated: Ribbons
UK Kharijis
Umar's Marriage with Umm Kulthum bint Ali
Umm `Umara Nasiba Bint Ka`b Al-Ans.ariyya
Uncreatedness of the Quran
Unreliability of t Righteous in Hadith Narration
Upgrading very weak hadiths & other questions
Validity Of Ijtihad
Validity of weak hadith
Various Issues about hadith
Verification Of Several Hadith
Wadud's Way
Waging War on Islam and the Muslims
Weak H.adîth in Issues of Morals
Weak Hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari?
What is Sufism
What Makes A person Kafir?
Who are Ahl al-Bayt?
Who Are Imitated in Islam
Why Must Women Pray Behind Men?
Why would Allah create evil?
Women's Intelligence Hadith Again
Women's Ziyara to Baqi`
Women, Comments on Christian Site
World Of The Qur'an: A Journey To Morocco



Recent files 2008~ directly accessed:

Abu Hanifa and uncreatedness of Qur'an ('shaukani' website)
Adding salawat after al-hamdulillah is always excellent
Al-Razi on Atomism vs Hylomorphism + "Islamization of Science"
An accepted orthodox principle?
Awliya and Qutb
Do Muslims Have to Give Bay'a to an Amir?
Enduring Myths of Orientalism
Forbidden Forms of Dhikr
Foreword to Sunna Notes 1
Hadith "Our Lord was in a heavy cloud"
Hadith on Surat al-Waqi`a against poverty
Hammad al-Ansari
How many types of ijaza are there?
Keeper of my Sunna a Shaheed" hadith
Looking for American Imams?
Mawlid article
Misquoting Qur'an To Misinterpret Islam
Mistranslation of a hadith in Sahih Muslim
Motherhood and the ideal of filial piety
Panegyrics of the Companions
Praying with Shoes in the Masjid
Reciting the 99 Names under a guide
Regarding Literalism - Anthropomorphism
Review of Taner Edis's _An Illusion of Harmony_
Smoke ban begs enforcement
The Turban Tradition in Islam
Thief death sentence and other hadiths
True' dreams 1/46 of prophecy
Virtues of Madina
Were all the sahaba at an equal level of superlative learning?
What is haram is haram at all times


Var. Questions & Answers [1] [originally at sunnipath.org]
       (complete list)
Abu Hanifa
Apostate wife, mother
Atonement for Sins
Attending a church wedding
Attributes of Allah
Attributes of Allah, Interpret.
Barelwis and Deobandis
Been involved with partner
Bukhari-only heresy 
Christian-Muslim Marriage
Clergy or Hierarchy in Islam
Convert with child, parents
Dawah: reg. Bible
Desire for Good
Earth and the Creation of Adam
Eve Created Fr. Adam's Rib
Gayness and Homosex.
Good & Evil from Allah
Hijab readiness
Hospitality Or Overbearingness
I Am Disabled, Skip Fajr?
If Hadith Authentic, Madhhab
Ismail al Faruqi's Criticism
Jihad al-Nafs: Striving f Self-Perfection
Jinn, girlfriends, and faith
Killing of repeat drunkards?
Lingering illicit relationship
Literalism & Figurative Interpret
Lives .Man & Imam al-Haddad
Love for the Sahaba
Mahdi in hadith
Majority Always Correct?
Marriage Muslim & Christian
Mixed-sex conversation
Molested By A Fellow Brother
No Prophet after me
Planting on graves
Recitation of the Qur'an
Reg. Following a Madhhab
Reg. Kibr (arroganc, pride)
Repent. for zina and drinking
Saints in Islam? Chr. concept?
Seeking Allah's Pleasure
Selfish Drives
Soul's travel out of body
Sunna of the Turban
Sunnism is respect
Taking the Means
The path of illicit desires (shahwa)
The Pious Salaf & Kalam
The Role of Sufism in Building Good Character Today
Treatment of depression
Trusting in Allah
What is the Sunnah?
What To Do Ab. Roommates
Whisperings of the Devil
`Isa raised to heaven

Var. Questions & Answers [2] [originally at sunnipath.org]
4th Hadith In Imam Nawawi's
72 Virgins in Paradise
A sincere negator?
A Student in Need of Direction 
A'isha and Ahl al-Bayt
Abrogation in the Quran?
Accusations reg. Imam al-Hakim
Ahmadi Proposal to Muslima
Allah helps those who seek
Allah's Essence & Attributes 
Allowed to be a Vegetarian
Aqida From 4 Imams? 
Banu Qurayza Mosaic Penalty
Belief in Descent of `Isa (Jesus)
Biography of the Prophet
Christian friend believes God speaks
Daydreaming Haram
Death: the shore of safety
Demonization of Islam
Depression and Repentance
Deviancy from Ahl al-Sunna
Eating of the fruit
Family Christmas celebration
Fasting the Day of Mi`raj
Following another in matters of faith
Fragrant presence due to good deeds
Giving away gifts
Hope & Fear Perfect Faith
How to counsel those in need
How to respond to insulting behavior
Husband's spiritual depression
Imam al-Nawawi & t Spiritual Path
Jihad al-Nafs: Spiritual Striving
Language .Veneration Noble Companions
Leaving prayer - disbeliever
Marital advice
Marital Duties
Muslim becomes non-believer
Muslim woman in love with non-Muslim
No original sin in Islam
No Spiritual Path Without Shari`a
Other Rightly-Guided Caliphs?
Pornography and the Shariah
Prayers For Driving Away Jinn?
Praying regularly, Back to
Proof that the moon split in two?
Prophet's Superiority
Prophets Protected From Error & Sin
Repeating sins: I feel ashamed
Replies Reg. Hinduism 
Resurrected with the one you love
Reward for worship
Rules of War: Non-Combatants
Rumi 'misguided'?
Saving someone else's life
Studying Hadith under a 'Salafi'
Suspicion toward daughter
Takfir - Anathematizing
The Origin of Sin and Death
The Problem of Suffering
Umar's Marriage w/ Umm Kulthum
Wives Of Believers In Paradise

Var. Questions & Answers [3] [originally at Sunna-Principles]
Apostasy, concerning ~
Athari/Hanbali/Ash`ari/Maturidi Terminology
Commemoration of al-Husayn on Ashura?
Flirting and chattering
Greatness Of Arabs
Imam Malik and the Sufis
Reply to modernist's crit. of `awra
Student - Shaykh relations
Sulayman ibn `Abd al-Wahhab
The Book of Allah and my Sunna
The Qutb
The Veil In Islam
Two Sahihs' Canonicity & al-Ghazali
Was Mariya al-Qibtiyya ever a spouse?

Var. Questions & Answers [4] [originally at Sunna-Principles]

Accounting with Fanaticism
Ahmadi-Sunni couple question
Definition of the term "taghut"
Hidden blessings of remote communities
Islam, men & women
What Is Meant By The Quran

Var. Questions & Answers [5] [originally at eShaykh]

Friend is looking for a spiritual path


Islamic Texts By GF Haddad (in pdf): d/itp.html

(list below is not complete!)

Advice to Our Brothers the Ulema of Najd
Al-Shâfi`î and Tas.awwuf
Contemporaries and Colleagues of Imâm Ahmad
Critical Reading of Lings' 'Muhammad' MHMD , A ~
Dâr al-Hadîth al-Ashrafiyya in Damascus
Fighting Women of Islâm
From al-Qârî's Dictionary of Hadîth Forgeries
Imâm Ahmad's `Aqîda & Pseudo-Hanbali Aqida
Imâm Al-Qurtûbî
Knowledge And Imposition Of Hands
On the Hidden Treasure Hadith
Reg. the wiping of the eyes upon hearing the call to prayer.
Strictness and Laxity in Hadith Criticism
Sufyan Al-Thawri (rad.ia-LLahu `anhu)
Superiority of Fiqh over Hadith
Suyuti's works in print at Princeton
Taqwiyat al-Iman
Tawassul and Tabarruk of the Salaf
The Hadith "My Companions are like the stars..."
The Righteous Life and Works of Imâm al-Qâd.î Y. al-Nabhânî
The Sufi Cloak
Weak hadith in Sahîh Al-Bukhari?



Other Texts By GF Haddad On mac.se    Click < here >

       (complete list)
Abu Zahra on Wahhabism
American and Muslim view on the
Are Christians and Jews Infidel
Camel Milk
Christian-Muslim marriage
Jesus Christ And his Blessed Mother
No Difference between Barelwis and Deobandis
PBS Special Muhammad
Photos And Pictures
Reuters overlooks Powell blunder
Rifai knife-piercing feats
Sex with slaves and women's rights
Shaykh Al-Ghumari
Sufism in Islam
Tasawwuf shuyukh
The Ghumari School
The Qadariyya, Mutazila and Shia
The Tasawwuf of al-Bistami
The Tasawwuf of Al-Shafii


Texts 2007-2009 By GF Haddad From SP (it1) Click < here >

Abbreviating The Salat And Salam; Re: Shifi'i Fatwa On ~
Abrogation And Hadith (Naskh)
Al-Bazzar's Addition (Re: Report 'If Blood And Pus ...')
Anti-Islamic Sites, Books Against Islam
Bio Of Imam Al-Tirmidhi
Caution About 'Islamic Banks'; Issue Of Riba
Domes Over Graves Of The Awliya; Building ~
Group Dhikr - Ibn Masud; Re: Ibn Masud's Narration Of ~
Group Dhikr - Imam Suyuti; A Note On ~
Hadith Of Zayd Ibn `Amr In Bukhari
Hafiz Of Quran Carries Prophethood Hadith
Haram Food And Friends
Ibn Abbas Kursi Report
Indifference Until The Proof Indicates Prohibition; Re: The Qa'ida ~
Muslims Condemn Assaults On British Jews
On Hizb Ut-Tahrir ; In The Shadow Of ~
Question About Two Works: Al-Fiqh-Al-Akbar By Imam Abu Hanifa
Reciting The 99 Names Under A Guide
Sahih Sira Works
Sulayman Ibn `Abd Al-Wahhab
Tafsir Ibn Abbas (Ra)
Tafwid Of `Ilm
Tampering Of Najdi Text Critiquing Ibn `Abd Al-Wahhab
Taqlid Of One School Obligatory?
Types Of Ijaza; How Many ~ Are There?


Texts 2008-2009 By GF Haddad From SP (it2) Click < here >

Allah Can Jog/ Trot Acc. To Ibn Uthaimin
Age Of The World / Pressure Of The Grave
Ascribing Jiha/ Direction To Allah; Re: Imam Al-Nawawi
Birth-Date Of The Prophet And History Of Mawlid; Re:
Book "Refuting" Habib `Ali Al-Jifri; Re: Critiques Of ~
Divine Name Considered A Divine Attribribute; Is Every ~
Dominant Character Hadith; Question About The Interpratation Of A ~
Fabricated Narrations In Dalail Al-Khayrat; Re:
Hadith: Allah's Shade; An Attribute Whose Kayf Is Unknown
Hadiths On Avoiding Civilian Casualties Of War
Hadith Chains In Various Books; Reliability Of ~
Hadith Of Constantinople
Hadith: Reg. The Tawassul Of Our Father Adam
Hadith: War Is Deception Hadith And Rel. Questions
Hand Of Allah; Re: The Text: The ~
Imam Zayd; Musnad And Tafsir Attributed To ~
Maulud Within Maulud In Old Mekah
Narration In Ibn Ishaq; Question Reg. Authenticity Of A ~
Pronunciation And Divine Speech Issues
Qaradawi Critiques Shiis, Adduces 73-Sect Hadith
Rawis Not Suited To Transmit Hadith
Shaykh Husayn `Ali Al-Rabbani Al-`Ifrini; Passing Of ~
Sheikh Ahmad Habbal (rahimahuLLahu)
Some Practices: Ruqya; Writing Verses; Writing Allah's Names For Healing;
Tampering; Textual ~ By The "Salafis"
Tawil Of Verse 2:210
Three Tawhid Explanation
Un-Letterdness By The Prophet MHMD
Walid Ibn Al-Mughirah's Plotting In The Seera; Story Of ~


Various Texts By GF Haddad (vt1)

accessed at: k/vt1-gfh_e.html
Basic internal rule for recognizing forgeries
Bin Baz and Uthaymin Books Now Banned in Kuwait
From the Two Holy Sanctuaries
Hadith Mustalah cursus + Nawawi's Forty
Hadith of the Prophet saying ameen three times at the Minbar
Imam Ali in Fiqh
Is Al-Khidr alive?
Narrator who is discarded
PreIslamic Philosophers
Qualifications and Curricula for Da'wa?
Regarding Imam Muhammad Ash-Shaybani's status as narrator of hadith
Regarding Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Yahya Ninowy
Regarding Tafsir of Qur'an 8:43
Regarding the soul of tashabbuh (resemblance)
Regarding: Anâ al-dahûk al-qattâl
Sheikh Ibn Baz on the Flatness of the Earth
Status of the 12 Imams
Stephen Schwartz..at it yet again.
The obligation to protect a life overrides all other rules
Tibb recipe for cure of paralysis and stroke
Verily this learning is Religion

Various Texts By GF Haddad (vt2)

accessed at: k/vt2-gfh_e.html
Reciting Quran in the 'order of revelation'
Re: Terrible Allegation Against Sayyidina Muawiyah ra
Friend is looking for a spiritual path

accessed at: fiqhi/sm1-gfh_e.html
Celebrating Christmas with the Christians
Displaying body of the deceased
Minimum age of fetus to be called miscarriage
Regarding Marriage and Consent
Treating addiction
Zakat funds to build mosques

accessed at: hv_e.html
Hadith On Bravery
Hadith On Hardening Of Hearts


Booknotes By GF Haddad From SP (bn) Click < here >

Arabic2009new (Recent Books In Arabic - 2009)


Complete List Of Fiqh Questions, answered by Sidi G F Haddad : fiqh Q & A

(list below is not complete!)

2 Weighty Things
Add. On Prostration
Ahl al-Bayt acc. Ahlu Sunnah
Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama`a
Ahl as sunna
Ahlu-Sunnah sources
Al-Bukhari And Muslim And Shia
Al-Ghazali - Al Khilafa
Ali's birth
Ali & Companions
Allah's Mercy
Angel of death
Arabs superior?
Belief, questions
Belief, Corr. Others'
Best Trait in Women
Birth of the Prophet
chess & dice (maysar)
Coll. Dua
Contraception - Islam
Copyright in Islam
Corr. Others' Belief
Deobandi - Wahabi
Dhikr vs Takfir
Divorce, question
Fard Prayers
Female Scholars
food at restaurant
fatwa al-Buti
Forty Hadith comm
Friends, non musl
Hadith about STDs
Hadith of Adam (as) tall
Hadith of poking with foot
Hadith Sciences /literature
Hafsa's Qur'an
Hands At Salah
Hazir And Nazir
hoping for Khilafa
Husband - Wife
Idols, Talibaan & ~
Ithnaa Asharis [upd.]
Ja`far (ra)
Jamaat in Makka
Jesus (as)
Jihad & Khilafa
Juristic Principles
Khamr, Prohibition Of
Khatm al-Quran
Khilafa, hoping for
Khilafa & Jihad
Khomeini: Kashf al-Asrar
Kissing of Qur'an
Knowledge - China
Knowledge of Unseen
Law, Principles
Law, Sources of
Loan - zakat dues
misguidance, trap of ~
Misled People
Misses in Salâh
Mourning And Wailing
Muh. Abduh
Mujaddid Ulema
Mujtahid mutlaq
Munkar - Silence?
My Light
nafl at fajr?
Nifaq + splitting hearts
Non-Hajj Sacrifice Req.
Non-Msl Friends
Non-Msl relatives
Oral Sex
Prophet's Knowledge of Unseen
Paying Wages
places of alcohol
Plucking off eyebrows
Principles, Juristic
Probl hadith
Prohibition Of Khamr
Prostration, Taqwiyat al-Iman on
Prostration. Add. On
Protocols of Zion
purification, aya
Q: Divorce
Qiyamah Friday 10th Muharram
questions - nasiha
Rafidah narrators
Raja'ib and other prayers
Rawafid Shiah
restaurant. food at ~
resurgence of Islam
salâh times
Salâh, Misses in
Shafi Fiqh, books
Shi'ite narr.
Shia - Al-Bukhari
Shia disbel?
Sources Isl. Law
Studying Islam in Yemen
swear by God
Tafsir 4:159
Talibaan & Idols
Taqwiyat al-Iman on prostration
trap of misguidance
Trial - Grave
Ulema, Mujaddid
Umm Kulthum al-Hashimiyya
Unseen, Knowledge of
Usman (ra)
Vest (not T-shirt)
Wahdat-ul Wujud
warning ourselves
Wife Beating?
Wife's Right to Divorce
Wives of Prophet
Women banned?
Women issues
Women Travel
Women, Best Trait in
Writing S.A.W.
Ya Shaykh Madad


Suhbah by Sh. Nazim Al-Haqqani
Suhba by Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani: On The Middle East (2003)
Suhba by Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani: On The Ego (Nafs)
Human Beings Must Glorify Their Lord
Suhba by Sheikh Nazim: 'Glory be to the Lord'
Suhba in German (pdf): Die Schlüssel zu Allahs Schätzen

textes en français par GF Haddad
Qui est Dieu?
L'Islam religion de l'amour
Est-ce que les religions sont imparfaites?
Quand le coran était rédigé?
Safiyya la Mère des Croyants
D'autre questions et attaques contre l'Islam
Les interdits du Coran
Islam privé ou général?
'Améliorer' l'Islam?
Rêver sur le passé de l'Islam?
La Définition Sunnite de l'Innovation Bonne ou Mauvaise
Le Dhikr contre le Takfir
Ceux que l'on imite en Islam
La parole 'Si le hadith est authentique, il s'agit de mon Madhhab'


texts in Italian di GF Haddad see also → Italian main page
Chi sono gli “ ahl al-bayt” (la “Gente della Casa”)
Ci sono trasmettitori rafiditi nei testi sunniti? - No.
Classificazione dei Compagni del Profeta (Sahâba)
Del hadîth: “I miei Compagni sono come le stelle”
Dovete seguire la mia Sunna
Hadîth “deboli” nel Sahîh di Bukh'rî?
Ignoranza composta
Il Consenso in merito ad alcune questioni riguardanti il Corano
Il Mondo Del Corano, Un Viaggio In Marocco
Il Nome Profetico: La Migliore Creatura
L'Amore per Il Profeta
L'Amore per i Compagni
Le falsificazioni sciite a proposito di Fâtima e ‘Umar
100 trasmettitori sciiti di hadîth considerati affidabili dai sunniti?


texts in other languages by GF Haddad
Tradisi Berserban Di Dalam Islam
Sifat Keibuan dan Keperluan Kewajipan Anak
Memahami Bid`ah - The Meaning of Bid`ah (Malay)
Definisi Bid`ah Mengikut Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamaah - The Sunni Definition Of Bid`ah (Malay)
Wadud's Väg (Swedish)
Om svaga hadither är giltiga (Swedish)
Texts And Answers On Other Sites by GF Haddad
Udsagnet: "Hvis en hadith er autentisk er den min madhhab" (Danish - external link)
Kompleks uvidenhed (jahl murakkab), (Danish - external link)
Profetens udseende (Allahs fred og velsignelser vaere med ham), (Danish - external link)
Hvad er Sunna? (Danish - external link)
www.sunnipath.com - many fiqh answers at sunnipath, x L 20120705, check http://qibla.com/

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