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[Quran]: And the day when the unjust one shall bite his hands saying: O! would that I had taken a way with the Prophet ... *

“Study the Qur'an (regularly), for it will act as an intercessor and entreat for its readers on the Day of Judgement.”
Prophet Muhammad ,
Abu Umamah reported it in a hadith.

From the Holy Prophet

From the Life of the Prophet
On Loving the Prophet
Love Of The Prophet & Following
The Hand of the Prophet
From his Sermon in the First Jum`a


"Actions are according to intentions" +
Importance of a Good Shaykh (+ in Bengali)
Reg. Our Supports on t Sufi Way; Ibn `Ajiba
Spiritual Remedies
Words & Definitions

Presentation This site presents some authentic texts from the Islamic tradition ...
   Islam cannot be reduced to an utopia for the perfect society in this world (dunya), which is a support for the Hereafter and Islam is neither limited to the domain of faith (imân), nor to its domain of law (sharî`ah) ... < more >
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modern issues

Modernism & (P-)Modern Thought
Crisis Of The Modern World
Is Belief In God Enough?
East & West
Islam u. Bestimmg d. Menschen
What is normal?


On The Islamic Tradition
Self-Disclosure of Allah, I.A.
On The New Creation, I.A.
Tolerant Monotheism
Metaphysical Foundations
Are Non-Islamic Religions Valid?
René Guénon, refs.
la métaphysique orientale
Orientalische Metaphysik
D. Zeitalter der Quantität, R G
The Nature Of Sacred Knowledge
Über Geistigkeit od Spiritualität
René Guénon om traditionen
trad def, K Almqvist
trad def, R Guénon
On t common eternal principles

scholars (ra)

Sufyan Al-Thawri
Ibn Arabi
Abu Hanifa
Ibn Abi Shayba

Ahmad Al-`Alawi 
Abd Al Wahid Yahya

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some quotes on tradition
Dhikr of Allah
Islam - religion of peace
Use Of Weak Hadith in Morals
NOT double or triple tawhid
Ibn Abd al-Wahhab on tasawwuf
Why Unfeasible t. Act Solely
on the Basis of the Qur'an

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(sufism, tazkiyah)

What Is Sufism?
Sufism in Islam
Al-Junayd (ra)
Those Who Attack Al-Ghazali
Al-Ghazali (ra)
Al-Suyuti (ra)
Ibn-Arabi (ra) + IR
The Tasawwuf of Al-Bistami
The Tasawwuf of Al-Shafi`i
Tasawwuf Shuyukh
Islamic Sufism
Tasawwuf - Sufism in Islam

   Direct advice from Prophet Muhammad: MHMD
•   Study the Qur'an
•   From his last Sermon
•   Advice in one word by the Prophet MHMD
•   Selected Sayings: on fighting, the Hour, the poor
•   hadith: on the cure of hearts, love, strength
•   take benefit of five before five, and oth. advice

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Recent texts by Gibril F Haddad:

Verification Of Several Hadith
Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (661-728)
Khâlid ibn Ma`dân
Narrations on wife's piety to husband
Salat al-Duha - Awwabin
Mufti Taqi Usmani's Fatwa on Mawlid
World Of The Qur'an: A Journey To Morocco
Imâm Ahmad's `Aqîda and Pseudo-H. anbal `Aqîda
From The Life Of Prophet Mohammed
Al-Sakhawi's Sufi Teachers
Ibn Furak Al-Shafi`i'
An Example Of Al-Shafi`i's Jurisprudence
Ibn Abi Shayba
Umm `Umara Nasiba Bint Ka`b Al-Ans.ariyya
The Meaning of Bid'a
The Superiority Of Fiqh Over Hadith
The Meaning of Sunna
Interview with Gibril Fouad Haddad
The Awliyâ'u-LLâhi Or Saints of Allah
Tahawi's "Doctrine" (al-`Aqida )
Hadiths On The Formation Of Human Life
Various Issues About Hadiths
The Sunni Definition of Bid`a, Good or Bad
Al-Shâfi`î and Tas.awwuf
The Prophetic Title: "Best Of Creation"
A Concise Sunni Glossary
  of Fiqh, H.adîth, Kalâm, and Tas.awwuf

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Texts by Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti:

The Prayer of the Muwaswas who is also an 'Ajiz
Man Eating Man-Eating Sharks?
The 'Amal of the Living for the Dead
'Discounted' Debt Transfer (Hawala al-Dayn)
The Meaning of Nafs
The Oldest Reference to t. Qur'an fr. Non-Muslim Sources
Tajaddud Nikah on account of Wali Hakim?
Tatimma to Tashil al-Izala 'an Ishkal al-Mughallaza
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ca. 32 other texts by G F Haddad

Fiqh-texts acc. to hanbali madhhab, Sidi Musa Furber


Some Islamic texts in pdf:

25 texts in pdf < -- complete list -- >

Sufyan Al-Thawri (ra).pdf
Life and Works of Yûsuf al-Nabhânî.pdf
Taqwiyat al-Iman.pdf
Knowledge- And Impos. Of Hands.pdf
Hanbali And Pseudo-Hanbali Aqida.pdf
Superiority of Fiqh over Hadith.pdf
Suyuti's works in print at Princeton.pdf
Weak hadith in Al-Bukhari.pdf
Islam and the Crisis of Modernity.pdf
The Guiding Helper.pdf
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Islamic Multimedia Files And Links
 new texts (top) ~ upd: Thu, Jul 21, 2005 . 12:08 PM; UTC+2
• Suicide or 'martyrdom'-operations are unlawful and cursed, OKN
• The Hijacked Caravan,
    Refuting Suicide Bombings as Martyrdom Operations

• Sufism in Islam, GFH
• Regarding The Asma An-Nabi, GFH
• Scholars of Falsehood, Imam Al-Ghazali
• Some Suhbah by Sh. Nazim Al-Haqqani
• Tasawwuf Shuyukh
• Ceux que l'on imite en Islam
• La parole 'Si le hadith est authentique, c'est mon Madhhab'
• Documentation of "Greater Jihad" hadith, GFH
• Outline Of Misbah Al-Anam, by Ahmad al-Haddad
• The Story of Hadith, GFH
• The Vision of Allah in the World & the Hereafter, GFH
• Imam Nawawi's Preface to the Riyâdh us-Salihîn
• Advice on how to be good, Sh. Muhammad S. Burhani
• Reg. Our Supports on t Sufi Way, Ahmad Ibn `Ajiba
• Notes On The New Age Movement, Omar KN
• Defense against slander and takfir, Omar KN
Texts by Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti; see
Abu Bakr and International Law, GFH
Marriage and "men's cruelty", GFH
On the fitna of women, GFH
Sufism of Putative "Salafi" References, GFH
Tawassul of `Umar through al-`Abbas, GFH
Umar's Marriage with Umm Kulthum bint Ali, GFH

Read documents and statements on

The Islamic Response to Terrorism and War

   some pages for non- ~ or new Muslims:
•   'Glory be to the Lord', Shaykh Nazim
•   Divine Harmony; M A Aleem Siddique
•   What is normal?
•   A Question To Pose
•   Know Your Lord, by `Ali bin Abi Tâlib
•   Crisis Of The Modern World
•   Questions about Islam, GFH
•   Modernism & Modern Thought
•   Knowledge of the Sacred, S H Nasr Q / A
•   The Nature Of Sacred Knowledge, S H Nasr Q / A
•   East & West
•   Is Belief In God Enough?
•   Are Non-Islamic Religions Valid?
•   Notes On The New Age Movement, Omar KN
•   Eleven (False) New Age Principles
•   Invitation to Non-Muslims
•   FAQ
•   Kristendomen enl. Paulus 

   essays on Islam and the West:
•   Why The West Craves Materialism
      & Why The East Sticks To Religion By Imran Khan

•   quotes from: East & West

From the Holy Quran

And the day when the unjust one shall bite his hands saying:
O! would that I had taken a way with the Prophet
O woe is me! would that I had not taken such a one for a friend !
Certainly he led me astray from the reminder after it had come to me;
and the Shaitan fails to aid man.

          Al-Furqan (25), verses 27 - 29

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