Technical Translations

You can trust on me and my company, ACTIVATOR RW-CONSULT AB, when you have a need for technical translations. That means if you have problem to take care of the actual translation in your own house (time or capacity problems) and have to use external resources.

Do you wish a translator who understand how your product and systems works?
Do you have a market and sells your products in Sweden?
I can in short time understand complex integrated technical systems.

Translations from English or German to Swedish.

Technical Descriptions for Electro-Technical and Computer Systems.
Manuals for Installation, Operation and Service.
Documentation for Reserve Parts.
Hardware- and Software-descriptions for Computer Systems.

"For Highest Quality, Good Language and High Delivery Capacity"

For more information, don't hesitate to contact me:

Telephone int. +46 8 749 09 25
or via fax. int 46 8 749 09 25

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