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Welcome to Ronnyes home page!

I have been a member of the Swedish abc-club since the spring 1995 and found that the club is a good one. It works for combining young and elder fellows over datatechnology and IT-applications. Here is an openminded exchange of experience and point of views. A lot of the members have high competence which they will share.

A picture from the Swedish westcoast where you can enjoy of the nature, of swimming and fishing!

I am working as an Management- and Data Consultant with Project-Leadership and Managing Support for different IT-Systems. I have several years experience from developing and coordination of informations system.

My special interests are about questions for Quality ,  Safety and Risk-Minimizing!

Since many years back, I have worked a lot with technical translations from German and English into Swedish!

I am still working on this home page.
The reason for this is to bring so much enjoy and effort for both you and me as possible.
Please return soon to take care of news.

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Many thanks for coming to have a look on my page and you are always welcome back!

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You can reach me on e-mail Ronnye.Wikstrom@abc.se