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Installing and using SSLtcl

Peter Antman

Mon Jan 19 01:53:02 MET 1998

This is documentation for SSLtcl. SSLtcl is a free loadable module for tcl that extends the socket command with SSL (SECURE SOCKET LAYER) functions. That is, it makes it possible for tcl to communicate securely over the Internet. SSLtcl is actually a thin wrapper around Eric Young's free SSL implementation SSLeay, that contain all cryptographic libraries necessary to do secure SSL outside the USA. SSLtcl can be build both statically and dynamically linked against SSLeay. Against dynamically linked binaries there is no export restriction. However, for statically linked binaries export restrictions in some countries, most notable USA, restricts exports.

1. SSLtcl

2. Bugs

3. Copyright

4. Installation

5. SSLtcl Manual Page

6. Demonstrations of how to use SSLtcl

7. Certificate questions

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