Treatment of seed with GA-3


Number of days with GA-3 treatment

Number of days for germination (after treatment)

Gentiana bracgyphylla 5 11
Gentiana purpurea 3 15
Gentiana punctata 3 15
Gentiana pannonica 3 15
Gentiana clusii 5 19
Gentiana verna oschtenica 3 12
Gentiana pyrenaica (djimilensis) 5 16
Anemone fasciculata 20 27
Anemone speciosa 20 27
Claytonia joanneana 20 20


You need

  1. Paper towel/napkin/ handkerchief/toiletttpaper or other soft paper
  2. Water proofed pencil
  3. A bit of a plastic bag
  4. A plastic bag
  5. A tooth pick/needle or similar tool
  6. A syringe or pipette or other tool to apply drops of water with
  7. Scissors
  8. A glas of water
  9. and of course seed and GA-3 powder


1. Mark the paper with seed information
  1. Turn the marked paper
  2. Lay a bit of plastic over the paper
  3. Lay a small bit of paper onto the plastic
Put the seed onto the small bit of paper
Fetch small quantities of GA-3 with a tooth-pick, needle or similar tool and sprinkle the powder over the seed. One time is seldom enough, repeat the procedure 3 or 4 times  
Draw up 1-2 ml of water and spread the water carefully over the seed. The little paper bit should be moist but there shouldn't be any surplus water
Fold the little paper bit around the seed Wrap the plastic bit around the seed package and moisten the large paper bit
Fold the large paper bit around the package and put it into a plastic bag. Keep it in room temperature until sowing