Henry Bervenmark (SM5BVF) personal homepage.

Swedish version of my personal homepage. .

Space shuttle STS-59 Endeavour lifting (April 1994)
with SAREX (Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment) on board.

If you want to see the picture in higher resolution (640 x 480 pixels = 130k), please click on the picture.

Some words about myself: As the years have passed I have grown old and I belong now to the
reserve of talent. I was born 1932 in Stockholm (one of the few natives). I am a pharmacist and have been
working in the pharmaceutical industry.

A hobby requiring computers.

After leaving the salt-mine there is more time for the hobby i like most since the 40:s, amateur radio.
After many years of DX-ing etc. I am now fully absorbed by the digital world and is working via packet
radio and satellites ( I prefer 9k6 ) as SM5BVF. All communication is performed using computers.

If you want to know where you have the best chances hearing radio amateurs, then you may click here.

There are some problems involved in satellite communications. Those birds are moving fast over the sky and
because of that you get a frequency doppler shift. It is necessary to use a computer to control the frequency
tuning of both transmitter and receiver. And, in most cases the signals are weak so the beam antennas must be
controlled by a computer

I also receive weather satellite pictures from both geostationary and orbiting satellites.

Europe seen by METEOSAT.

Do you want to see the METEOSAT picture in higher resolution? Then click here (72k).

Or maybe in even higher resolution? 1024 x 768 pixels (220k).

Do you want to HEAR the signals from a weather satellite? (42k)

Another possibility is to listen to a sequence from the APOLLO 11 moon landing.
- " Itīs one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind!"(287k!!)

You may also receive pictures with high resolution. One example (55k)
Those without proper receiving outfit may see the pictures by clicking here.

If you want to know more about satellites and modern ham radio communication,
try the following links:



Astronomical pictures & animations

On Sundays you can hear me live at 3740 kHz (SSB) at 10 AM Swedish time
when I give you latest news about ham and weather satellites as SK0TX.
(Yes there are about ten satellites exclusively used by radio amateurs).

You may contact me via different media:

Telephone: +46 8 583 555 80
Mobile: +46 70 345 1502
Fax: +46 8 583 555 80 (call me first and I will connect the fax machine)