Wrecks & submerged finds of the Black Sea

The Black Sea has a great potential, since it's anoxic (anaerobic, no oxygen) below c 200 m depth. With no oxygen, deep-sea wrecks can be preserved for millennia. At the end of last Ice Age, global warming flooded Lake Agassiz in present Canada, raising global sea levels and flooding the Black Sea, sometime 5500-5000 BC. Remains of settlements from the time before the flood have been found underwater.

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Remark: Violent flood?

Some suggest that this "flood" was violent, and perhaps origin of the Biblical Flood. However, Professor Emeritus Eric Olausson, Gothenburg University, says that the Black Sea was indeed a separate sweetwater lake. At the end of the Ice Age, melting ice raised the global sea levels so much that the Mediterranean finally reached the Bosporus, and started leaking in seawater, very slowly. Perhaps the filling started 9000 BC and ended 5-3000 BC. Since then, the Black Sea has had its present sea level, perhaps 150 m higher than the old level (Ref: Populär Arkeologi 4/2000). You can read on Wikipedia.

text by Per Åkesson, photo by Robert Ballard courtesy Institute for Exploration and the National Geographic Society – 2000 Black Sea Expedition, page rev jul '12

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