Erik Nordewall

This side-wheel paddle steamer was built in 1836-37 for traffic on the Göta Kanal inland canal in Sweden. In 1865 she sank in the sweetwater lake Vättern.

Modern reconstruction painting by Reinhardt Grosch.

The sunken ship was discovered very well preserved in 1980 on 46 m depth, and for several years it was a popular dive site for advanced divers. Unfortunately, recreational diving on the site is now forbidden, because of damage on the wreck. This is a pity. Cultural tourism with minimal impact should be ideal for everybody. There are no plans to raise the ship, because of the conservation costs, but a replica is being built. This is one of the four wrecks selected by a European Union project.

Guilded bow. Photo by Göran Nilsson.

The drawings below are based on observations and video and used here with kind permission, illustrating the excellent state of preservation.

Drawing by Bo A Zachrisson, Stockholm University.

Drawings by Bo A Zachrisson, Stockholm University.

Per Åkesson, October 2004


The EU project


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  • Vrak i svenska vatten by Claes-Göran Wetterholm

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