Underwater archaeology conferences & lectures

Recurrent conferences

You may find more up-to-date info on conferences and lectures in e.g. AIMA Newsletter, MUNA News, Archaeogate.

Past conferences

List servers

These non-moderated list servers are also called mailing groups. All messages from any member can be read by all other members. If you want to subscribe, send a message like: "subscribe (listname) (first name) (family name)", and you should receive further instructions. NB! If you reply to a posting, you send to the whole group. If you want to reply to an individual, you must enter that mail address manually.

Topics on these conferences include: How shall archaeology be financed? May artefacts be sold? Which objects should be preserved? Salvage/recovery or reburial? Join the debate!

Other electronic conferences

We don't have our own Usenet newsgroup yet, but you may try sci.archaeology, alt.archaeology, rec.scuba, de.rec.sport.tauchen and fr.rec.plongee.

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