[MAS]Abstract of article in Marinarkeologisk Tidskrift, the MAS newsletter, # 3, 1994


The wreck of Jehu

sunk in 1825 by Gråskärsbådan in Northern Sweden

This is an abstract of the Swedish report, including all the photos.

In 1991 the wreck was located near Sundsvall by scuba diver Patrik Nordberg.

Depth 16 - 24 metres. Loaded with iron bars. The hull was broken up, maybe because of the shallow depth. But, as usual in the Baltic sea, wood and other organic material is well preserved.

Thanks to archive studies, the wreck was identified as Jehu, sunken in 1825. The two mast schooner has probably had four commanders:

  • 1821-1822 Petter Lijewall 
  • 1823 P. Wagenius
  • 1823-1824 A. Nordström 
  • 1824-1825 J-F. Österlund 

The excavation was made during the summers of 1992 and 1993 with a group of underwater archaeology students, lead by archaeologist Seth Jansson.

A 25 square metre aluminium frame was used over the site. Various finds were made, including plates, pots, an hour glass, and a large anchor.

So far, only a part of the site has been excavated.

All items brought up were conserved quickly at the Västernorrland county museum.

Author: Anders Vikdahl,

SSDF Diving committee,
email vik@nn.mobitel.telia.se

Photo: Seth Jansson, © Marin dokumentationsteknik AB

Layout & translation: Per Åkesson, November 1996


Anders Vikdahl and Patrik Nordberg

Seth Jansson

iron bar

various finds

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