San Pedro de Alcantara Cable Lift

During previous campaigns on San Pedro de Alcantara, the diving was made from boats. The swell and the sea are usually rough, so many people got seasick in those boats.

A better solution was called for, and since 1998 there is a cable lift. It is constructed by Fernando Moreira dos Santos and similar to the one used on the Zuytdorp. In 1999 the cable was used successfully for the second season.

Even with this system the weather must be calm. We did not dive at wave amplitudes greater than 2 metres.

This system is further explained in French.

plan of cable lift

diver going down to the site

splash landing in calm sea

top side of cable lift

useful to transport artefacts, in calm weather

at day's end the cable lift was used to pull up the air hose

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Page by Per Åkesson, October 1999. Photos by Fernando Moreira dos Santos. Page rev jul '03

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