Les Sorres X

The wreck is located on land in 1.58 m depth at Castelldefels, Baix Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain. It is a small merchant ship (about 9,5-10 m long), dated to 1350-1400 AD. This is a rare case with both types of rudders: axial rudder (side rudder a.k.a. quarter rudder) and lateral rudder (stern rudder).

Hull of Les Sorres X (Castelldefels)


  • Discovered in the construction works of the Olympic channel of Castelldefels, the 24 September 1990
  • Excavated in 1990-1991
  • Published in 1992
  • Archaeological works director: A. Martín


Jars with fish, well conserved hull.

location near Barcelona

Main publication:

RAURICH, X.; PUJOL, M.; MARTÍN, A.; JOVER, A.; IZQUIERDO, P. & GARRIDO, E.: "Les Sorres X. Un vaixell medieval al canal olímpic de rem (Castelldefels, Baix Llobregat)", Barcelona, 1992, 71 p. and 43 pics.

Per Ĺkesson, 2000

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