During surveyoperations the helicopter cruises at a speed between 30 and 60 knots. The swathwidth is always 100m. Due to the distance between the lasershots we have different speeds. Our most common setting is 4m shotdistance which gives a speed at 60 knots. In shallow areas we sometimes uses 3m distance witch gives us a speed at 30 knots.
The altitude is between 150 and 300m, but an altitude over 200m is to prefer. It is only when we have a low cloudceling we fly at 150m.
The system can operate in either search or ident mode. In search mode the helicopter cruises at a constant speed and coarse. And the pattern under the helicopter look s like .... If the operator sees something interesting the helicopter can hover over that area and search it time after time. The operator can also move the square relative to the helicopter. That is used for navy operations to follow a target.
For survey operations there is only one operator and one pilot required. Of coarse there is ground staff taking care of the helicopter, but for the certain operation there is only two persons needed