The modern* world, by its basically materialistic character, its rupture with the symbolic and sacred universe, its absence of any transcendental reference; equally by its cult of progress and its rejection of the most venerable teachings, its frantic run for profits and its infernal desire for quantity is objectively and essentially antitraditional.

So antitradition has to be regarded as pure and simple negation of Tradition, a dissolution, a radical rupture with the ancient world, the constitution of a profane way of life without any spiritual aspiration. DRG

"Antitradition, writes René Guénon, has had its most complete expression in fundamental materialism," and it can be said that this triumph of antitradition - where human nature cannot find satisfaction in a narrow material horizon - is about to produce something much more fearsome, which is nothing else than "counter-tradition"; a "counter-tradition" playing a parody of spirituality which imitates authentic spirituality. 

This antitradition produces a psychic atmosphere which is subjected to the most inferior spiritual influences. A spectacle of this is produced today by a world which has become as much a crazy as a miserable toy of the most unforeseen and irrational forces.


* see also on modernity, tradition, religion, 

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