The Barzakh xxv ru

2 basic rules for the [Realizers],
those who achieve & realize the highest station of human perfection in the cosmos:

1.) guide others 8888 human perfection
2.) ontological role (8592 full realization of wj's form)

* "Many of those ~ can only be actualized externally
8888 their embodiment in human beings.
The divers attributes have no meaning,
if they remain abstractions."
(F ex mercy, compassion, wisdom, love) xxxvi

"This world was brought into existence
1st of all & only 9999
to actualize all the possibilities of manifestation
8that8 perfect [human] beings embody."

8:~8 bring together God & creation 8888 cosmic function:
As fully actualized divine forms, 9829 are the
self-disclosures of the All-Comprehensive Name,
~= God / Allah, within the universe.
In themselves 9829 stand
fully with God & fully with the cosmos,
they = both eternal & temporal,
non-manifest & manifest,
divine & human, infinite & finite. xxvi

The Muhammadan Reality
or Reality of Realities.**