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Tradition Islamique
Islamic Tradition


The purpose of our site on The Islamic Tradition is to advise the misinformed about Islam as the tolerant monotheism at an initiated level and to relieve misconceptions about its reality and true nature.

It has to be noted that we understand the concept of tradition be being twofold:
• in its general meaning as the transmission of an element of the suprahuman level,
• and in its specific sense as the words and sayings reported from the Prophet Muhammad may Allah bless him and grant him peace, which have been recorded in the hadith collections together with the entire Islamic religion.
On The Islamic Tradition
And The Unchanging Religion

This web site is a collective work designed to present the Islamic principles by subject and theme in at least four languages English, French, German and Swedish - inshâh Allâh.

We have chosen a couple of verses of the Quran by way of illustration, followed by a few hadîths related to the subject. Some of these hadîths had to be shortened, but included will be the name of the first person who related the hadîth and the source of hadîth collections from which they were extracted.

Where necessary further explanations have been provided.
Occasionally an Arabic word or Islamic concept, which contains more than one meaning and its supplementary connotations can be found footnoted.

For an overview see either the left column or the sitemap.
The single letters in the menu refer to existing translations of the specific text.

May Allah's blessings and peace be on the Prophet,
his Family, and his Companions!



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